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It Was Out Of Anger: Man stabbed his wife five times and watched her die before turning the knife on himself

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Phillip Dafter, a former member of the armed forces, has been sentenced to life in jail for the murder of his wife, Diana Dafter. He stabbed her five times at their home in Northampton on October 7, 2022.

The court heard that their marriage had difficulties, partly due to Dafter’s mental health issues since his mother’s death in 2015. He felt his wife didn’t understand his struggles. On the day of the incident, an argument erupted when Diana made a comment about his vehicle.

In a fit of rage, Dafter grabbed a knife and intentionally stabbed Diana five times, with one wound proving to be fatal. After killing his wife, he tried to harm himself, but the blade broke. He then went to buy more knives and later took a train to London Euston station, where he confessed to the police about what he had done.

During the trial, Dafter claimed manslaughter, citing loss of control and diminished responsibility, but the jury rejected his defense and found him guilty of murder.

The judge described the last moments of Diana’s life as terrifying and criticized Dafter for doing nothing to help or call for emergency services. He noted that their marriage had become resentful and argumentative, and Diana had reason to believe that Dafter was contemplating leaving her.

Dafter was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 20 years, considering the time already spent in custody. The judge acknowledged Dafter’s remorse but emphasized that he had violated the trust and security of their marriage. He called the attack sustained and acknowledged the fear Diana must have experienced as she tried to defend herself.

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In the end, the judge said that Dafter’s actions were driven by a moment of madness, but he believed it was the closest Dafter came to admitting the truth about what happened.

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