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Father And His Two Sons Sentence To Jail For Murdering a 25yrs Old Man

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In North London, two brothers and their father were sent to jail for murder. They were found guilty of killing a 25-year-old man named Devon Jensen-Wallace in June 2022.

The court heard that Jamal Grant, 31, Lamar Grant, 26, and Elvis Grant, 51, attacked Devon and his two friends near Overton Close. They had a dangerous knife and a baseball bat with them. Devon and his friends tried to run away, but sadly, Devon got stabbed in the leg during the chase.

Cameras recorded the attack, and one of the attackers was heard shouting threatening things. Devon was badly injured and bleeding from his leg. Paramedics tried to save him, but he passed away at 7:15 pm due to losing too much blood from the leg wound.

People said there were other gang members present, and they caused fear in the neighborhood. Because of this fear, Devon’s friends and witnesses didn’t want to help the police with their investigation.

The police worked hard to solve the case. They focused on the Grant family’s house because Jamal Grant had been hurt before, and they thought Devon was responsible. The police found a black baseball bat with Lamar Grant’s fingerprints and Devon’s blood on it.

Detective Chief Inspector Joe Garrity praised his team for their dedication in bringing justice to Devon. The police did a lot of work, like studying phone records, CCTV footage, and searching for evidence. It was challenging because people were scared to talk to the police openly.

Now, all three men have been charged with murder and will be sentenced on August 8, 2023.

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