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Muslim man claims ”We Have Taken Over” And Britain “Is Not A Christian Country Anymore” (Video)

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A video posted on Twitter by a user named Paul B is causing a lot of talk about religion in the UK. In the video, a Christian woman was sharing her beliefs with people when she met a Muslim man who didn’t agree with her. He asked her to stop preaching, claiming that the UK is now a Muslim country because Islam has taken over. The woman disagreed strongly, saying that Britain is still a Christian country.

The argument between them got more intense as they defended their beliefs. The Christian woman said that Christianity has a long history in the UK and is still important to many people. On the other hand, the Muslim man argued that Islam is becoming more popular in the country, and that shows it’s changing.

The video has gone viral on social media, and people are talking about it. Some say it shows the challenges of having different religions in one place, while others think it’s sad to see them arguing.

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