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Bouncer in North east England grabs throat of 14 year old girl at an under 18s event

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A 14-year-old girl had a bad experience with a doorman at a disco for teenagers in Sunderland. A video of what happened was seen by many people online, and now the police are looking into it. The girl’s mom said that her daughter is now scared to leave the house because of what happened.

In the video, the doorman had his hands around the girl’s neck while taking her out of the disco. People watching told him to stop. The girl said she felt like she was going to die during the whole thing. The problem started when she argued with the doormen because they wouldn’t let her go back inside the disco.

The girl’s mom said that after the incident, her daughter can’t sleep well and often calls her at night because she’s scared. The mom explained that her daughter got upset when the doorman pushed her, but she didn’t do anything dangerous. She thinks the doorman overreacted.

People have been saying mean things about the girl online, like blaming her for what happened because of how she was dressed or if she was drunk. But the girl’s mom said those comments are not fair and are just ridiculous.

The disco’s management posted on Facebook that they reported the incident to the police. They said they don’t accept that kind of behavior at their events and are very sorry about what happened. They also fired the doorman, and the security company he worked for agreed to help the police.

The police said they are investigating the incident and that nobody seems to have been seriously hurt. They asked anyone who knows something about what happened to tell them through their website or by calling 101 and giving the reference number NP-20230520-0288.

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