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Before the trip, the 19-year-old Titan passenger was Scared. He joined merely to Please his father — Aunt

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Before the trip, the 19-year-old Titan passenger was Scared. He joined merely to Please his father — Aunt

The young person, who was 19 years old, felt very scared before going on the trip. He only joined because his dad wanted him to go. His aunt, Azmeh Dawood, shared this information in an interview on June 22, 2023.

Azmeh Dawood is the older sister of a businessman named Shahzada Dawood from Pakistan. She spoke to NBC News and mentioned that her nephew, Suleman, had expressed his concerns to a relative. Suleman said he wasn’t really interested in going and felt very frightened about exploring the remains of the Titanic.

However, despite his fears, the 19-year-old decided to join the expedition on Ocean Gate’s small submarine. The trip happened to be over Father’s Day weekend, and Suleman wanted to make his dad happy because he was very passionate about the Titanic’s story, as Azmeh explained.

Azmeh expressed her worries and emotions about the situation. She imagined Suleman, who is only 19, inside the submarine, struggling to breathe. It has been incredibly overwhelming for her, and she can’t believe what has happened. She shared her feelings through tears, describing the situation as unreal.

For the past four days, Azmeh has been filled with anxiety. She watched the news constantly, hoping for any updates about her brother and nephew. She feared the worst.

She compared her experience to being stuck in a terrible movie with a countdown, but not knowing what the countdown was for. Azmeh found it hard to breathe, thinking about her loved ones.

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She admitted that she never thought she would struggle to breathe like this before. It’s been a completely new and challenging experience for her. Azmeh shared these thoughts during a phone interview from her home in Amsterdam, where she lives with her husband, Jonathan.

Both Azmeh and Shahzada come from a well-known business family in Pakistan, known for their successful corporate ventures.

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