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I Didn’t Realize Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Were Quite as Popular as They Still Are- Lady Colin Campbell

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In a recent interview with gbnews , Lady Colin Campbell expressed her surprise at the continued popularity of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. She stated, “Well, I didn’t realize they were quite as popular as they still are. I mean, I would have thought it was 220 Niners, so it’s very well deserved. They have earned it, and they’re going to get it and they’re getting it.” Lady Colin Campbell likened their current situation to a Jamaican saying, “When you spit in the sky, it might fall in your eye, and it’s certainly fallen in their eye.”

Richard, a correspondent in the discussion, was asked about the potential downfall of the couple’s Netflix deal. He acknowledged that the couple had received mixed ratings in previous polls, with some showing abominable levels of popularity.

He emphasized that the outcome of their Netflix deal could have significant repercussions, especially considering their recent loss of the Spotify deal and the inability to trademark archetypes. Richard expressed that losing Netflix, which is valued at a significant amount, would be a seismic blow. However, he believed that Meghan and Harry would likely put up a fight and attempt to make a comeback.

The conversation further delved into the dilemma faced by the Sussexes. Their attacks on the royal family have resulted in a drop in popularity, even among American audiences.

Nevertheless, to maintain their desired narrative and success, they may need to continue unleashing such attacks, such as through Meghan’s upcoming book. Lady Colin Campbell commented that people are primarily interested in what the couple has to say about the royal family, regardless of whether it is negative or positive. She stated that neither Meghan nor Harry has much to contribute beyond scandal and gossip, and she found them both boring.

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