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Diana would hate’ Meghan Markle for what she’s done to Prince Harry & the Monarchy | Angela Levin

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In a recent interview, leading Royal biographer Angela Levin expressed her belief that Princess Diana would harbor strong negative feelings towards Meghan Markle for her impact on Prince Harry and the monarchy. Levin highlighted her perception of Meghan’s actions and their potential consequences.

According to Levin, if Diana were alive today, she would not have approved of Meghan due to her actions and their effects on Harry and the royal family. Levin argued that Diana valued the monarchy and actively supported it during her lifetime, even having tea with the Queen. She instilled in her sons the importance of upholding tradition and exhibiting good manners.

Levin also pointed out that Meghan’s behavior and influence have strained Harry’s relationship with the royal family. She claimed that Meghan’s demands for more and her dissatisfaction with her royal role could be seen as disrespectful and a departure from the values Diana held dear.

While acknowledging the complexities of the situation and expressing sympathy for Harry’s struggles, Levin emphasized the challenges of trying to please someone like Meghan, who always seems to want more. Levin hinted at the impact of Meghan’s influence on Harry, causing staff turnover and a constant desire for new projects and ventures.

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