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How could anyone be cruel to Dog: Police rescue a malnourished and injured dog from a home

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A local police officer helped save a very thin and hurt dog from a house in Birmingham and made sure the owner faced the consequences.

PC Tracey Shea, from the Small Heath and Highgate Neighbourhood Police Team, went to the home in Nechells with Inspector Kate Levesley from the RSPCA in August of last year.

When they entered the apartment, they discovered Rookie, who had wounds on his hip and leg and was significantly underweight.

Rookie was in such bad shape due to neglect that PC Shea used powers from the Animal Welfare Act to take the dog away.

With the help of Birmingham City Council staff, they checked the CCTV footage, which showed that Rookie hadn’t been taken out of the apartment for five days before their visit.

The RSPCA gathered evidence, and on Monday (June 12), the case was heard at Birmingham Magistrates Court. Rookie’s owner was found guilty even though he wasn’t present, and now there’s a warrant for his arrest because he didn’t show up.

Rookie is currently being taken care of by the RSPCA and is recovering well.

PC Tracey Shea said: “Insp Levesley from the RSPCA and I were shocked by Rookie’s condition. We were glad to take him to a safe place where he could be properly examined and looked after. It’s wonderful to see his progress since then. It was a very emotional operation, but luckily it ended well.”

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