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Titanic: Anyone who booked this trip knew it was going to be risky, you sign a lengthy waiver that lists really 100 ways to die

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In a recent interview, Mike Reese, a writer on The Simpsons, and his wife Denise shared their experience and concerns about the missing submersible expedition to the wreck of the Titanic. The couple had originally planned to make the trip together, but Denise was unable to join due to testing positive for COVID-19. They expressed both fascination and concern about the expedition, highlighting the risks involved in such a venture.

Mike, who had previously visited the Titanic wreck last July using the same submersible, spoke about the vessel’s safety and acknowledged the inherent risks involved. Participants in the expedition were required to sign a detailed waiver, acknowledging the numerous potential dangers they might encounter. Drawing a comparison to the early days of space exploration, Mike emphasized that while precautions were taken to ensure safety, unforeseen circumstances and accidents could still occur.

Denise expressed her worry and anxiety about Mike’s safety during the expedition. She shared how she had been closely monitoring the mission’s progress from the mission control center, fearing the worst outcome. Denise also revealed their usual practice of embarking on adventurous activities together, believing that facing risks as a couple would provide some solace. She jokingly mentioned that if something were to happen to Mike during the expedition, she would likely live an anonymous solitary existence, with even The Simpsons writers and their families hating her forever.

Amidst the interview, breaking news emerged that distress signals in the form of an SOS had reportedly been detected near the Titanic wreck. The clock was ticking as oxygen levels decreased, raising concerns about the survival of those aboard the submersible. The discussion shifted back to the safety of the vessel, with Mike shedding light on its design and functionality. He described the submersible as a sturdy yet straightforward craft, piloted using a joystick similar to a gaming console. Mike praised its simplicity and low-tech nature, highlighting the charm of navigating the deep sea depths.

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The interview also touched upon the personality of Stockton Rush, the chief executive and founder of Ocean Gate, the organization behind the submersible expedition. Both Mike and Denise had worked with Rush on previous dives, praising his visionary approach and his ability to overcome seemingly impossible challenges. Stockton Rush’s presence on the vessel during the distress situation instilled hope in the couple, as they believed in his leadership and meticulous problem-solving skills.

Mike shared that communication issues were not uncommon during his previous dives with Ocean Gate, attributing them to the deep-sea environment. He described the challenges of establishing reliable communication once they reached the ocean floor and the occasional disconnect between the guidance provided from above and what they encountered underwater. However, despite these hurdles, they managed to locate and witness the Titanic during their previous expedition.

The interview concluded with the question of whether Mike and Denise would embark on a similar expedition if the missing individuals were rescued safely. Denise expressed her willingness to undertake the trip again, emphasizing her trust in the team and her belief in the importance of exploring uncharted territories. Mike echoed her sentiments, noting that while the current situation would understandably give them pause, they would consider another voyage if everyone returned safely. The interview concluded with hopes for a successful rescue mission and the possibility of a future lighthearted conversation.

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