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Spotify Executive Calls Harry and Meghan “Effing Grifters” as Podcast Deal Falls Through

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Spotify executive has publicly referred to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as “effing grifters.” The comment came after Spotify pulled the plug on the Sussexes’ highly anticipated $20 million podcast deal. The news left Stephen, an avid podcast listener, shedding a tear. However, it seems the couple won’t be facing financial difficulties, as rumors suggest Meghan might become the new face of Dior.

Bill Simmons, the head of podcast innovation at Spotify, has made it clear that he is not a fan of the royal couple. Previously, he expressed embarrassment to be associated with Prince Harry through their shared employer. The derogatory term “grifters” used to describe Harry and Meghan has not been well-received by the couple, but their problems extend beyond mere name-calling.

It appears that Spotify, along with the Sussexes and Meghan’s Archewell Productions, did not achieve the impact they were aiming for. The failed podcast venture adds to their list of setbacks, including rumors that their Netflix collaboration has hit a snag, with only one series, called “Pearl,” completed so far. The potential loss of a $100 million deal could spell further trouble for the couple. However, whispers in the industry suggest that Harry’s connections, through Megan’s agent Harry Emmanuel of William Morris Endeavor agency, might lead to a dramatic solution.

Unfortunately, the Spotify podcast itself received less-than-stellar reviews, with Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal commentator, describing it as patronizing and predictable. He noted that it focused heavily on Meghan as a victim rather than addressing broader issues concerning women. The lackluster content failed to captivate listeners and only reinforced vacuous woke conversations.

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With the termination of their podcast deal and potential restrictions on selling information about the royal family, it raises the question of what else the Sussexes have to offer. The couple’s future prospects remain uncertain, and their multi-million-dollar Random House book deal might face complications as well. However, speculations abound, suggesting that Megan could venture into politics, and a rebranding of their image could lead to new opportunities. While the immediate path is unclear, the couple’s ability to generate attention, even amid controversies, remains a point of fascination.

As the discussion continued, it became evident that not everyone shares the same level of interest in Harry and Meghan’s endeavors. The sentiment among some commentators, like Richard Fitzwilliams, is that the couple should retreat from the spotlight and live their lives quietly, just as Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson did during their time in Paris. The call for dignity and silence seems to reflect growing weariness with the couple’s constant portrayal of themselves as victims, despite their immense privilege.

The ongoing saga surrounding Harry and Meghan has undoubtedly elicited mixed reactions, leaving some longing for a more subdued approach to their lives. As opinions vary, it remains to be seen how the couple will navigate the challenges ahead and what new ventures may lie in store for them.

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