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Kate Middleton’s Relative Is Releasing a Memoir That Claps Back at Harry and Meghan — and the Sussexes are ‘Dreading’ It, Insider Claims

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Prince William and Kate Middleton have had tension with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in recent years, but for the most part, William and Kate have remained totally silent. Harry and Meghan are free to discuss whatever they want because they’re no longer working royals, and it allowed Harry to include plenty of details about his brother and sister-in-law in his “Spare” memoir

Now, though, Kate’s uncle is releasing a memoir of his own, and it will reportedly clap back at some of the things Harry and Meghan have said about his niece through the years. To that end, an insider claims the Sussexes are “dreading” the release.

It looks like someone finally will speak out on behalf of the royal family — but it’s actually a non-royal. Express reports that Gary Goldsmith, Kate’s uncle (Carole Middleton’s brother), is releasing a memoir that will clap back at some of the claims Harry and Meghan have made in their various interviews and documentaries, as well as Harry’s book. An insider with knowledge of the book told Express that it will include “private family details” as well as counteract some of the claims Harry and Meghan have made through the years.

The insider also reported that Harry and Meghan won’t be looking forward to such a book. “When Harry was originally compiling his book, his publisher was confident William wouldn’t comment because it wouldn’t be fitting for a future King to do so,” the insider told Express. “Harry wouldn’t have anticipated such a comeback from Kate’s family. He and Meghan won’t like it one bit and will be dreading the book’s release.”

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The book will reportedly detail Goldsmith’s own life and his rise to wealth, but rumor has it it’s going to be his chance to give the Middleton family a voice that Kate otherwise wouldn’t have. A release date for the book is unclear.

The royal family has kept almost entirely silent about anything Harry and Meghan have said about them through the years. Their motto of “never complain; never explain” was truly put to the test after Harry and Meghan left the family, but the remaining royals stuck together. These days, King Charles, along with William and Kate, are not on speaking terms with Harry and Meghan.

There have been rumors that Charles is ready to reconcile with his son, but now that there is a new memoir on the rise that could see Harry’s claims counteracted, it’s unclear if Harry and Meghan’s reputation could take a hit. Based on the insider information, though, it seems the Sussexes are a bit concerned about whether the book could damage the reputation they have built since leaving the royal family, but time will tell whether it will further impact their relationship with the rest of the royal family.

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