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Megan will Pull The Strings: America’s Psychiatrist Says “Prince Harry And Meghan Marriage is Really Falling Apart”

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America’s Psychiatrist, Dr Carole Lieberman, who specializes in relationships, have shared her views on the state of Harry and Meghan’s marriage. There have been rumors about their relationship deteriorating over the past six months, and not being invited to the king’s birthday celebration further fuels speculation about their strained ties.

According to Carol, Meghan initially sought Harry for his status as a prince and used accusations of racism within the royal family to further her political ambitions in America. However, these strategies have not yielded the desired results, and her political aspirations have hit a roadblock.

Harry, on the other hand, finds himself in a difficult position. His behavior during the coronation showed signs of depression, jealousy towards his brother William, and a sense of loneliness. The event highlighted his feelings of exclusion and detachment from his family. This, combined with his love for his children, presents him with challenging decisions to make.

The future remains uncertain, but there are speculations that Meghan will strive to achieve even greater fame and success. Whether she pursues a career as a famous actor or seeks recognition in Hollywood, she is expected to continue seeking the limelight. Meanwhile, Harry faces a dilemma, torn between being there for his children and the potential breakdown of his marriage. Megan may have a stronger influence in shaping their future.

As this situation continues to develop, we will keep you updated on the latest events in the Harry and Meghan saga.

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