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Brave Police Officers Safely Capture Snake Found Slithering Across Birmingham Road

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Birmingham were faced with a rather extraordinary sight—a large snake making its way across a bustling road. The officers, who belonged to the operational support unit, happened to spot the snake while driving down Park Lane. Without hesitation, they sprang into action to ensure the snake’s safety.

With their quick thinking and gentle approach, the officers skillfully maneuvered the snake into a soft pillowcase, making sure not to cause any harm or distress. They handled the situation with utmost care, knowing that such encounters require delicate handling.

Once the snake was securely placed in the pillowcase, the officers proceeded to take it to a nearby reptile center for further evaluation and assistance.

The dedicated staff at Birmingham Reptiles, well-versed in handling reptiles, carefully examined the captured creature. They identified it as a boa constrictor, a common species known for its constricting abilities. Fortunately, the snake showed no signs of injury or distress.

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