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Taxpayer Money Used for Lavish Surrey Flats for Migrants While UK Citizens Wait in Desperation Exposed (Video)

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GB News uncovered a decision by the Home Office to allocate posh flats worth £1,400 a month in Farra to house migrants. Reporter Adam Cherry shared the details.

The apartments, previously on the market for rent, have now been taken off, as the Home Office has reserved the entire block of around 100 flats to accommodate up to 300 asylum seekers. Though the migrants haven’t moved in yet, furniture and bedding have been delivered.

Local residents near the block were surprised by the sudden decision, only learning about it recently. They expressed concern about the lack of consultation and the impact on the area. Even local officials and the council were unaware until recently, indicating a lack of communication from the Home Office.

This move has sparked controversy within the community and even within the Conservative Party. Conservative MP Leo Doti strongly opposes the decision, stating that while there’s an obligation to house migrants, this choice of accommodation is inappropriate.

Adam Cherry’s investigation revealed that the migrants’ status and the processing of their claims remain unclear. The Home Office’s approach aims to move asylum seekers out of hotels swiftly but has faced criticism for the choice of luxury housing.

The Home Office defended its actions, citing the immense pressure on the asylum system due to increased illegal migration. However, local involvement and consultation in such decisions were questioned, given the surprise imposition on the community.

This move has ignited debates about the government’s handling of migrant housing, sparking concerns about the allocation of resources and the treatment of both incoming asylum seekers and existing residents in need of housing support.

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