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Ian Coates third victim of the Nottingham attack , who was killed and had his van stolen by the suspect

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A distressing event occurred in Nottingham, causing great sadness within the community. A school caretaker named Ian Coats was stabbed and killed on Magdala Road during the early morning hours. The police are currently questioning a 31-year-old West African migrant, who is believed to be the suspect.

Although the police have not officially released the suspect’s name, GB News has learned that he is likely Ian Coats, the school caretaker. Authorities are now investigating whether there were any signs of violence or mental health issues in the suspect’s past and whether these concerns were reported beforehand.

The incident took a tragic turn when Ian Coats’ wife had her van stolen from the location of the stabbing. The suspect then used the stolen van to drive to Milton Street in Nottingham City Center, where he struck down three pedestrians. One of the pedestrians remains critically injured and is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

Among the victims were two students, Barnaby Weber and Grace Kumar, who lost their lives in the attack. Barnaby Weber, a young aspiring cricketer, had a bright future ahead of him. His family is devastated by his loss, describing him as a wonderful and talented young man who was recently selected for his university cricket team at the age of 19.

Grace Kumar, an 18-year-old student, was walking home with a friend when they were attacked and fatally stabbed. Grace’s father, a doctor in London, had previously saved the lives of three teenagers who had been stabbed near his surgery in 2008. He is now trying to come to terms with the tragic news of his daughter’s death.

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Eyewitnesses have come forward to share their accounts of the incident. Ross Murphy, who was nearby, heard a loud noise and saw the aftermath of the collision. At first, he thought someone had collapsed, but soon realized the seriousness of the situation when news of the hit-and-run incident spread.

The families of the victims are requesting privacy as they mourn their loved ones and process their grief. Authorities will closely examine any prior interactions with the suspect to determine if there were missed opportunities to address the concerns surrounding him.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of knife crime and the urgent need to address violence and mental health issues in society. The Nottingham community mourns the loss of Ian Coats, Barnaby Weber, and Grace Kumar. They hope for justice and measures to prevent such senseless acts of violence in the future.

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