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After My Death, I have acted as a parent to my siblings and its breaking my heart

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When I was 8 years old, my father passed away, leaving behind a family of 10 children. In the years that followed, most of my older siblings moved away, got married, or pursued higher education. As the oldest sibling, I took on a significant role in caring for my younger siblings, as my mother dated various people and seemed emotionally distant.

A decade later, my mother remarried a man named Bill, who had four children of his own. My younger siblings, still in need of a father figure, adjusted to the new dynamics relatively well. However, for me, it was more challenging. I had already moved out of the house at 17, partly for educational reasons and partly because I found it difficult to live under the same roof as Bill.

While Bill is a decent person, he has never been a parental figure to me. I played a substantial part in raising my siblings during the ten years my mother was single. I prioritized their needs and often skipped school to take care of them. My younger sister, now 14 years old, rarely discusses her emotions with our mother but frequently reaches out to me for support, calling me multiple times a week.

Throughout my upbringing, my older siblings took care of and guided me, essentially becoming more like parents than siblings. In turn, I assumed a similar role with my younger siblings, feeling the weight of the void left by our absent father. However, I recently discovered that my youngest brother, aged 12, perceives me as patronizing and controlling.

He even expressed that if something were to happen to our mother, he would prefer Bill to be his guardian. This revelation has left me overwhelmed with guilt. I realize that, in my efforts to act as a parent figure, I neglected to foster a sibling relationship with them. The realization is deeply troubling.

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Now, I am desperate to find a way to mend these strained connections and engage in damage control. The complexities of our family dynamics make it challenging to determine the best course of action. However, losing my siblings is something I am determined to prevent.

Is there any way I can address this situation and repair the bond with my siblings? I am willing to do whatever it takes to rebuild our relationships and ensure that they see me as not just a parent but also as their sibling.

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