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Woman gave a small gift to a child from a poor family, and many years later she got The Unexpected

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Camilla has been raising her son alone for three years now. The boy’s father left her for a younger woman after her son Dylan was born. The woman noticed that her husband had lost interest in her. Camilla completely immersed herself in caring for her son. She completely forgot that her husband also needed attention. Camilla and Richard were not officially married, somehow it didn’t come to that.

Camilla has been waiting for a proposal from a man for many years, but he never proposed. Camilla has long gotten used to Richard being constantly late from work and didn’t hurry back home. After their son was born, she did not have time to make the relationship work out, and it gradually faded away. So when Dylan was three years old, her husband announced that he was leaving her for another woman. Camilla didn’t get emotional; she had been waiting for this for a long time. She expected her husband to return soon because they had a son, but the man completely forgot about the child and never even helped them.

Camilla and Dylan’s life was pretty hard; they never had enough money. The woman turned to her ex-husband several times, hoping that he would finally start paying alimony or just help her without a trial. Richard did not want to listen to her at all; he had a different life. He soon married his young mistress, and they had a daughter. At that moment, Camilla realized that there was nothing more to be expected from him and tried to forget him. It was a very difficult time; she couldn’t understand how he could do this to her. Over time, the pain subsided, and Camilla decided that she was going to raise her son alone.

After her maternity leave, Camilla went back to work; she was a school teacher. The salary was very low but enough to live on. She couldn’t afford expensive purchases; even buying sneakers for her beloved son was difficult. She had long gotten used to poverty, but she didn’t want her son to notice it. It hurt her to know that Richard abandoned his child for a girl he knew so little about. Camilla often thought about where she could find money, but unfortunately, she couldn’t do any side hustle. After all, little Dylan could stay in kindergarten only until five in the evening, and after that, she had to pick him up.

Every time she picked him up from kindergarten, they went to the store and bought something sweet. He told her about his day in the garden, what they ate, and what they did. She listened to these stories. It took them about 20 minutes to walk from kindergarten to their house. “Mom, Charles bought a real basketball with him. It was so big and tough. He wants a ball like that too, right?” “No, Mom, I dream of becoming a football player. Not everyone can be a basketball player like Charles.” “It’s good that you have a dream. You need to see if there is a football camp somewhere near our house.

Do you want me to play football?” The boy was surprised. “Why not? My mother used to say that you should try everything in your life.” “Mom, what did you want to be when you were little?” “I wanted to become an actress, but my mom didn’t approve. She didn’t let me go to the theater club. Over the years, all my dreams have faded. I no longer had anything to believe in and nothing to dream about.” “So let’s make your dream come true.” The boy looked at his mother with affection. He saw a mix of kindness and tenderness in her. He didn’t remember his father at all; after all, he left when he was only three years old.

Camilla kept her promise and enrolled her son in the football group. Now, two days a week, the boy was doing what he loved. Dylan grew up really fast; he started going to school. He also played football; he really liked it. The coach often said that the boy had a great future. But Camilla didn’t even have money for his uniform and for competitions. The boy believed that he would participate and did his best during training. “Mom, the competition will be in the capital. If our team wins, then some children will get into the children’s team. It is very important for me.” “I know, son.”

She spent days thinking about where to get money for his uniform, and besides, they needed money for the trip to the capital. She never told her son that she didn’t have the money to buy him a uniform.

The boy’s life changed when Marvin’s mother came to one of the training sessions. Marvin was his best friend. His mom noticed that all the boys already wore uniforms except for Dylan. She looked at the boy and thought about something and then told him, “Where’s your uniform, sweetheart?” “My mom hasn’t bought it for me yet, and I don’t know if she will buy at all.” “How’s that? The competition’s coming soon.

You can’t let the team down like that. You’re the best striker. I saw you play, and Marvin talks about you so much.” “We have a little difficulty with money. Mom thinks I don’t know, but I do. I see everything perfectly. I’m not little anymore.” The woman looked at the boy and then abruptly left. The training has begun.

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Dylan scored goals against opponents without any problems. By the end of the training, she was back. She had a small package in her hands. She handed the package to Dylan. “This is a small gift for you, for the best striker in my son’s team.” “What is it?” The boy asked in astonishment. “Open the package and look.” Hope I got the size right.” He opened the package and found a new football uniform inside. Dylan was very happy; now he knew for sure that he would go to the competition.

In the evening, Dylan told his mother that Mrs. Harrell had given him a football uniform. “Son, I told you not to take anything from strangers.” “It was Marvin’s mother. I saw her many times. Now he will definitely go to the competitions.” Camilla smiled; she knew how important it was for her son.

At the next training session, Camilla approached Marvin’s mother. She was very grateful to her for buying the uniform for her son. The woman only smiled at her and then praised her son. It was very important for his mother.

Preparations for the competition began. Dylan went to training three or four times a week. He was very tired but he liked getting tired like that. Camilla got paid this time; she decided to spend all the money on her son’s trip to the capital. She had no idea how she would live on.

The competition was scheduled for Monday. Camilla and Dylan went to the capital on Sunday. Dylan had never been in such a big city. Camilla wanted to show her son this beautiful city because she lived there during her student years. The city turned out to be very big and bright. They walked around the center for a long time and spent the night at the hotel.

And then came the most important day in Dylan’s life. He woke up very early that day. He was looking forward to the upcoming game; he couldn’t sleep all night. Anxiety took over him;

He was worried that something might go wrong, and it would be his fault. He shared his worries with his mother, “Mom, I’m scared. What if we lose? What will happen then?”

“For me, you will always be a winner no matter what. Okay? I’ll try to impress everyone. After all, if they take me to the national team, we will become rich, and you will no longer have to count the pennies.”

“But we’re okay as we are, Mom. I’m not little anymore, and I can see everything perfectly. It’s hard for you to do it alone. We cut back on everything.”

Camilla looked at the boy with sadness. She didn’t even notice when he had grown so much. They got up and went to the stadium. A team from a small town played against them. Every boy dreamed of being on the team. At the appointed time, the stand filled with people. It was very noisy and impossible to concentrate.

Dylan looked for his mother and finally calmed down. The game began, and people shouted and rejoiced at every goal, no matter which team scored. The opposing team was ahead of them so far, and Dylan was very nervous. You could see it.

Camilla clenched her fist and waited for him to show himself. After all, the coach was also waiting for him to impress everyone. The game ended, and Dylan’s team won four to three. They were so happy. Camilla hugged her son, and tears fell from her eyes. She never thought that her son would be so seriously interested in football.

The teams were silent. Everyone was waiting for the results. Who will be invited to the team? A representative of the national team walked to the field and started speaking. He spoke for a very long time, wishing everyone to achieve a lot in this sport, and most importantly, to never quit football. And then, he began to list the people who would be on the team.

The stadium went dead silent. Every child wanted to hear their name. The representative slowly read the names, “George Black, Ethan Jenkins, Roger Davis…” Camilla looked at Dylan and saw how with each name, his face changed and his eyes grew dim. Camilla clenched her fist in anticipation of the last name.

“To be honest, she had no idea what it meant to be on the national team, but she understood that it was very important for her son. And the last boy who will continue his career and how her team is… Dylan Mitchell.”

Camilla saw her son’s face change. He obviously didn’t expect to hear that. Camilla stood up and ran towards him. They hugged, and Dylan burst into tears. He wept with joy. But his friend Marvin, unfortunately, was not accepted to the team. He was upset, but not by much. He realized long ago that football was not his cup of tea.

From that day on, the Mitchell’s life changed a lot. The boy signed a contract with a national team, and they moved to the capital. Now, Camilla was teaching at a metropolitan school. She would never have moved to this huge city if not for her beloved son, who turned out to be very driven with purpose. The guy went to a sports school and played football. He often went to competitions, leaving the woman alone. She got used to this life but often felt sad.

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At the new school, she had no girlfriends, just like where she worked before. The woman was returning home after work, and it was so lonely and sad, especially when her son was at competitions, and they could last for weeks. The woman saw that her son was already quite big, and he had his own different life, not at all like hers.

One day, Camilla was returning home. It was getting dark, but she was in no hurry because her son was away at another competition. As always, she went to the store, bought a carton of milk, and was walking toward the house. A young man was walking towards her, and then, with a slight movement of his hand, pulled off the bag from her shoulder and ran.

There was a man walking behind Camilla; he reacted quickly. The woman didn’t even get scared. The stranger knocked the robber to the ground, he pressed him to the ground, snatched the bag from his hands, and handed it to Camilla. “Boy, why are you doing this?” he asked the robber menacingly.

“Back off, let me go!” the robber pleaded.

“I will after I call the police.”

“Thank you, no need for police. Let him go. I don’t want to have to deal with the police,” begged the frightened Camilla.

“Well, whatever you say.” He let go of the guy, and he rushed away. The stranger stood up and looked at Camilla. “Calm down. Everything turned out okay. You’re trembling all over. Come on, let’s go and sit in a cafe. You need to calm down.”

“Okay, let’s go. I’m a little nervous,” the woman said. They walked into a cafe. It was warm and cozy there. Finally, under the light of the lamps, Camilla was able to see the man clearly. He was about 45 years old and had an athletic build and beautiful features. He proposed that they sat at a table by the window. Oddly enough, Camilla would also always choose such tables. She loved sitting where she could watch what was happening on the street.

The man ordered black coffee without sugar. Camilla ordered tea and a sweet cake. When she was worried, she craved sweets. “I think it’s time for us to get to know each other. My name is William, and yours?”

“Camilla,” the woman smiled. “Nice to meet you.”

“Where are you coming from so late?” the man asked.

“From work. I did additional lessons. Are you a teacher?” Camilla smiled.

“William was constantly smiling and joking. Camilla laughed and did not notice at all that it was already dark outside.”

He paid the bill and walked her home. Camilla hadn’t been this happy in a long time. For many years, she simply did not walk down the street. She constantly sat at home, and now she was having such a walk, accompanied by such an interesting man. Camilla was over the moon. She came to her apartment that the sports school rented for them. It was very quiet outside. Dylan was returning from the competition three days later. When he wasn’t there, Camilla didn’t cook anything at all. She had no one to do it for. She showered and laid down on the bed. She had to go back to work tomorrow.

The night flew by very quickly, although Camilla loved her job. She was a little uncomfortable in her new place, and she had no one to talk to at all. William called her at the end of her working hours and invited her to the cinema in the evening. They went to the cinema. It was an unforgettable evening. Camilla felt like a teenage girl in love. When she was near him, she wanted to sing. She told him about her ex-husband and her son. They talked about everything. It seemed that they had known each other all their lives.

“I also have a daughter from my first marriage. She is now in eighth grade.”

“From your first marriage? So there “Yes, she’s my daughter from my first marriage,” William replied. “She’s a wonderful girl, and I cherish her deeply.”

Camilla couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. She had always dreamed of having a complete family, with a loving husband and children. But now, seeing William with his daughter, she couldn’t help but wonder if she would ever have that kind of happiness.

“I never got married,” Camilla admitted, her voice tinged with a hint of sadness. “Although I will soon be very old.”

William looked at her intently, his gaze filled with warmth. “You still have time, Camilla,” he said gently. “Life has its own way of surprising us, and you never know what the future holds.”

Camilla forced a smile, trying to push away her doubts and insecurities. She didn’t want to dwell on her own disappointments when she was enjoying such a lovely evening with William. They continued to talk and laugh, losing track of time.

As the weeks passed, Camilla and William became even closer. They spent more and more time together, going on walks, sharing meals, and exploring the city. Camilla’s heart began to open up again, and she allowed herself to dream of a future with William.

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But one day, Camilla saw William at a parent-teacher meeting at school, and her world came crashing down. He was not alone; he had a beautiful woman and a girl with him. Camilla’s heart sank as she realized that she had been deceived. William had been married all along.

She watched them from afar, feeling a mix of anger, hurt, and betrayal. Why did he say those beautiful words to her if he was married? Camilla muttered under her breath, struggling to hold back her tears. She ran into the teacher’s room, seeking solace and a moment to gather her thoughts.

Tears fell from her eyes as she saw how happy William was with another woman. She felt a deep sense of disappointment and questioned her own worth. She had believed in him and allowed herself to hope for a future together, only to be left feeling foolish and broken-hearted.

In the days that followed, Camilla made a firm decision. She would no longer speak to William. She stopped answering his calls and completely immersed herself in her work and other activities. She refused to let herself be hurt again.

One summer, Camilla and Dylan went on vacation. They had come a long way from their days of struggling to make ends meet. Dylan was now playing for a famous football team, and they no longer had to worry about counting pennies. It was a new life for them.

During their vacation, Dylan met a devoted fan who never missed any of his matches. They quickly fell in love, and Mary became an important part of Dylan’s life. Camilla liked her son’s girlfriend and saw how happy they were together.

Meanwhile, Camilla focused on her own journey of self-discovery and personal growth. She had learned to find happiness within herself and appreciate the joys of life that didn’t depend on someone else’s presence. She no longer felt the need to be defined by a relationship.

One day, by chance, Camilla crossed paths with William again. It happened on a busy street in the city. Their eyes met, and for a moment, time seemed to stand still. Camilla could see a mixture of surprise, regret, and longing in William’s eyes.

He approached her tentatively, breaking the silence. “Camilla, I’ve missed you,” he said softly.

Camilla’s heart wavered, but she stood her ground. “I saw you with your wife and daughter at the school. You lied to me, William. You said you were divorced,” she replied, her voice filled with a mixture of hurt and anger.

William’s face fell, and he looked down, unable to meet her gaze. “It wasn’t what you think. That was my ex-wife and my daughter. My daughter liked it when we went to parent-teacher meetings together. That’s all,” he explained, his voice filled with regret.

Camilla felt a whirlwind of emotions, unsure of whether to believe him or not. The pain of the past still lingered within her, making it difficult to trust again. She decided to keep her guard up, unwilling to be hurt once more.

But as they continued to talk, Camilla saw the sincerity in William’s eyes. He expressed his deep remorse for the misunderstanding and how much he had missed her. He admitted that he had made a mistake and that he had never stopped thinking about her.

As the days turned into weeks, Camilla and William slowly rebuilt their connection. They spent time together, talking, laughing, and rekindling the friendship they had once shared. Camilla discovered that her feelings for William hadn’t completely vanished and that her heart still longed for his presence.

Eventually, Camilla allowed herself to take a leap of faith, to open her heart to the possibility of love once more. She realized that forgiveness was necessary for her own growth and happiness. They started dating again, taking things slowly this time, allowing their love to flourish at its own pace.

Years passed, and their love deepened. Camilla and William finally tied the knot, celebrating their union surrounded by family and friends. It was a joyous occasion, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Dylan, now a successful football player, stood proudly by his mother’s side as she exchanged vows with William. He had grown into a remarkable young man, and Camilla couldn’t have been prouder.

Camilla’s life had come full circle. From the hardships of single motherhood to finding love and happiness, she had learned the power of resilience, forgiveness, and embracing second chances. And as she stood there, hand in hand with the man who had once broken her heart, she knew that the journey had been worth it.

For the small act of kindness that Ruth Harrell had shown her all those years ago, Camilla had discovered the strength to persevere and create a beautiful life for herself and her son. The ripple effect of that single act had transformed their lives in unimaginable ways.

And so, the woman who had once felt alone and forgotten now stood surrounded by love, gratitude, and a deep appreciation for the unpredictable twists and turns of life. She knew that true happiness wasn’t just about finding love but also about embracing the unexpected, cherishing the present moment, and staying open to the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

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