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“Debate on Good Morning Britain: Should Adults Sleep with Teddy Bears for Comfort or Is It Childish?” (Video)

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There’s a popular trend that started with Love Island’s Molly in 2019.

Now, Molly Marsh has brought it back by introducing her favorite stuffed animal to the Villa. A recent survey reveals that over a third of adults confess to sleeping with their childhood teddy bears.

What do you think about having a teddy bear in bed?

Emma Burnell, a playwright and journalist who believes it’s an individual choice to sleep with a stuffed bear. On the other hand, we have stand-up comedian Mike McLean, who argues that teddy bears in adult beds should be prohibited.

Good morning to both of you.

Mike, you mentioned Claire and her teddy bear that holds sentimental value as it reminds her of her late grandmother. How would you tell Claire that she shouldn’t have a teddy bear on her bed?

Mike: It’s simple, grow up and remove the bear from the bed. If I visit someone’s house and see a bunch of teddy bears on their bed, I would leave immediately. Having teddy bears in bed is not appealing to me.

Emma: Everyone has different preferences, and for some, having a stuffed animal to snuggle with at night brings comfort. Especially considering the current circumstances, anything that helps you sleep better is a good thing.

I won’t force you to have a teddy bear, but don’t force me to give it up either. We can have different opinions without causing an issue.

Mike: But where does it stop? I understand comfort, but bringing a teddy bear along on a date or having it in bed with you is a bit much. It might be a deal-breaker for some people.

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Emma: If someone can’t handle being in bed with me and a teddy bear, then they’re not worth it. A single teddy bear that holds sentimental value shouldn’t be a problem. It’s about finding common ground and accepting each other’s choices.

The conversation continues, with Mike expressing his strong dislike for teddy bears and Emma defending the idea of having one for comfort. They also discuss the perspective of the audience, including comments from social media and a poll indicating that most people believe grown-ups should not be banned from having teddy bears.

In the end, they agree to disagree, but it’s clear that teddy bears can hold sentimental value and provide comfort to those who choose to keep them.

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