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Andrew Neil speaks on Boris Johnson Resignation

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In a recent interview, political commentator Andrew Neil stated that the British people have rejected Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Neil explained that the public has made up their minds about the accusations of partygate, finding Johnson’s claims to be untrue. As a result, Johnson’s options seem limited, and he may have to accept that Rishi Sunak will lead the Conservative Party into the next election.

Neil further emphasized that Johnson’s loyalty lies more with himself than with the Conservative Party. He referred to Johnson as belonging to the “Boris Johnson party,” where he acts in his own self-interest, regardless of its impact on others or the party itself.

While acknowledging Johnson’s knack for capturing media attention, Neil questioned whether this popularity truly extends to the general public. He compared Johnson’s ability to dominate headlines to that of former US President Donald Trump, suggesting that media attention does not necessarily equate to genuine popularity.

Neil dismissed the idea of Johnson forming an alliance with Nigel Farage or establishing a new political party, as he believed it would unlikely gain support from voters. He also highlighted that a parliamentary committee found Johnson guilty of lying about partygate, leading to his recent resignation. Neil suggested that this move was an attempt to divert attention from an upcoming report that is expected to be highly critical.

Regarding the future, Neil expressed doubt about Johnson’s immediate comeback but acknowledged that circumstances can change in politics. While short-term popularity seems unlikely, Neil did not rule out the possibility of Johnson returning to the political arena in the years to come, given his resilient nature and the unpredictable nature of politics.

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Additionally, Neil mentioned the arrest of Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her husband’s financial involvement. He suggested that her resignation was influenced by these developments, revealing why she stepped down from her position.

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