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“Big Argument: Piers Morgan Denies Being Racist in Theater Show Controversy”

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Piers Morgan got very upset when someone accused him of being “racist” during a big argument. The argument was about a theater show where white people were told not to buy tickets so that black people could watch it without feeling judged.

The Theater Royal Stratford East said that the show is not only for black people but they asked white people to stay away so that the mostly black audience could enjoy it without feeling like they were being watched by white people.

The show is about 300 years of African-American history and will be on for a month. But the performance on July 5th is being called a ‘Black Out’ because they want to make a safe space for black audiences to talk about race-related issues.

Piers was talking to Esther Krakue and Imarn Ayton, and he said that he doesn’t think art should exclude people because of their skin color. He believes that art is for everyone and should be equal for all. He didn’t like the idea of telling him what he thinks or believes.

Imarn Ayton disagreed with Piers and said that he was being racist. Piers said that if he made a theater show only for white people in London, everyone would call him racist and say that it’s like going back to the bad times of racism.

Esther Krakue explained that the idea of a ‘blackout’ theater started in the United States. She said that it’s about gathering a black audience who have similar experiences. But she thinks it doesn’t work the same way in the UK because black people come from different cultures, like black African, black British, and black Caribbean. She doesn’t believe there’s one shared experience just because they have the same skin color.

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A spokesperson for the Theater Royal Stratford East said that the ‘Black Out’ night is a way to bring black people together and celebrate their culture. The play, Tambo & Bones, is a funny play that talks about race and what it’s like to be black. They wanted to create a special night where black audiences can watch the play as a community and feel comfortable.

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