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I Can’t Believe She Accepted Vaping from a Strange: Chloe Hammerton Explain How She Collapsed at a festival and started having bouts of fits after she took a puff on a stranger’s vape

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The ongoing festival season, concerns are growing over a new and unfamiliar danger: vape spiking. This previously unknown phenomenon has come to light after a concertgoer experienced a severe medical episode at the Isle of Wight festival. Chloe Hamilton, attending the festival with her partner and brother, lost consciousness and suffered a seizure shortly after accepting a vape from a stranger.

Vape spiking, a term that may be unfamiliar to many, involves the act of lacing vapes with illicit drugs, leading to potentially fatal consequences. Chloe’s experience highlights the dangerous repercussions of this growing trend, causing widespread alarm. Chloe, accompanied by Sharon Gafka, a women’s safety advocate who fell victim to drink spiking three years ago, shared their harrowing encounters on a morning talk show.

During the interview, Chloe explained that sharing vapes among festivalgoers, much like trying different cocktail flavors, has become a common practice. However, the communal nature of vape sharing has raised concerns, as it opens the door for unsuspecting individuals to unknowingly inhale spiked substances. The majority of vapes feature fruity flavors, making it easier for a drug to be surreptitiously added.

Chloe described her terrifying experience, recounting how she felt immediately unwell and experienced a slow-motion sensation, followed by a collapse, seizure, and loss of bodily control. Vape spiking, largely unfamiliar to her and many others, can involve a wide range of motives, including sexual assault, robbery, or even malicious pranks.

Sharon emphasized the need for awareness and vigilance, noting that while drink spiking is commonly understood and cautioned against, vape spiking remains relatively unknown. The interview shed light on the potential dangers associated with accepting vapes from strangers, urging festival attendees and vapers to exercise caution.

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Dr. Amir, a medical expert, pointed out that while incidents of drink spiking have been encountered previously, vape spiking represents a concerning new trend. The drugs used can vary widely, including substances such as GHB, Rohypnol, LSD, ecstasy, and ketamine. Immediate and severe bodily reactions, similar to Chloe’s, can result from the unpredictability of the dosage and the drugs used.

As festival season approaches, the discussion concluded with advice for concerned parents and festivalgoers. It is crucial to stay in the company of trusted individuals, inform responsible authorities if spiking is suspected, and seek immediate medical attention if necessary. Support resources were provided for those affected by these issues.

The emergence of vape spiking highlights the need for heightened awareness and precautions within festival environments. As authorities investigate these incidents, the collective effort to address vape spiking aims to ensure the safety and well-being of festival attendees.

Below Are Some Reaction From People:

This happened to me. New Year’s Eve 2022 a stranger put his vape in my mouth and forced me to smoke it. I had the exact same reaction: full body shutdown, almost seizure like. I was bed-bound for two months, unable to walk. Doctors disregarded it as psychosomatic, and nothing was done in terms of treating it. It’s been 18 months since I was spiked and I still have body spasms whenever I lift something heavy or get stressed. It’s completely ruined my life. The effects are life altering and medical professionals have shown little to no interest in speaking further about it. This is the first time I’ve heard of anything similar happening! Truly terrifying. I’m heartbroken it’s taken this long to get attention.Show less

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This exact situation happened to my 13 Year old Son while at school!! A year 11 student ( two of them) pressured my son into taking a puff of a vape – basically mocking him claiming “it’s only a vape – you pussy!” To which he took a puff, unbeknownst to my son they had switched the vape and gave him a different vape from their pocket to which the two year 11 students were smoking! The year 11 students continued to mock my son because he only took 1 puff and passed it back, they continued to mock him and pressured him into taking one last puff – which he did! My son said he started to immediately feel something wasn’t right and said to them “ what have you given me!” They laughed! My son then walked away, said he started to loose control of his body, couldn’t walk properly – kept falling to the ground then managing to get up, until he totally collapsed, hitting his head and was unconscious for some time! He also lost all control of his bodily function and as a result urinated on himself! At some point a police officer patrolling outside the school spotted students gathering and a commotion, as the officer approached he noticed my son unconscious on the floor! My son then came round and the police officer thought it would be a good idea to get my son up and WALK him a long distance to the back entrance of the school! All while my son was falling in and out of consciousness and the officer holding him up by his coat! My son said he caught a glimpse of his reflection in a window and said “ I was so scared when I saw my reflection, I felt like I was going to die! The officer then thought it would be a great idea to make him walk up 3 flights of stairs – when there was a lift available!! My son said to me “ I tried to say to the officer – “ please can we go in the lift” but my son was unable to verbally speak for some time! My son stated that he kept falling down the stairs holding on to the hand rail and that the officer kept dragging him up by his coat! He then got taken into a room within the school where the officer interrogated him without an adult present stating that my son knew what he was doing and that he had a little too much and was tripping out and knows what kind of kid he is!! My son said he managed to get the strength to say – “ask my teacher’s what kind of student I am!” To which the officer did ask members of staff and they confirmed that my son is a good student and never been involved in any situations/troubles since attending the school. The school did not contact me at all! I always drop and collect my son from school so became concerned when it was getting late and no sign of him! I began to call the school numerous times and continuously no answer! I then began to call my sons mobile and it was ringing so I was more concerned as I know he only turns his mobile on when leaving school! I continuously called his phone until my horror my son answered! I could barely understand what he was saying, slurring, apologising, clearly upset and in a state! I asked him where he was he said school! I could hear a teacher in the back ground asking if my son would like her to speak to me! I told my son to inform the teacher I’ll be at the gate in 5minutes. When getting to the school gate I was left waiting there for the longest 10minutes in my life! If I could of climbed the 20ft gate I would have! When entering the school two teachers met me at the reception stating that my son had claimed he feels his been hit over the head! I asked where my son is and why hasn’t no one informed me asap! Well when entering that room where my son was I will never forget seeing the state my son was in – it haunts me to this day! I had three members of staff talking to me, I could not concentrate on what was being said as I was clearly in a state of shock! I said “wait, wait, has anyone called an ambulance… to which the response was – “ you are more than welcome too!!!!” 🤯 unbeknownst to me there was a student in the room next door awaiting an ambulance for some time ( different issue) when the paramedics arrived for the student in the next room one of the paramedics looked in the window to the room of which my son was in a saw the state of my son and told his colleague and staff that he feels my son takes priority over the girl next door! He immediately came in and wired my son up to an ecg machine and was alarmed at his heart rate! I then asked if my son could get some water as he was clearly dehydrated and had lost his school bag with his water bottle due to the situation! I videoed the ecg machine as couldn’t believe how fast/Erratic my sons heart rate was, videoing the state my son was in also – his trousers were around his waste socking wet due to urinating on himself as he lost of function/control of his body! He was then taken to hospital and the nurses had struggled to get any blood from his finger due to him being severely and dangerously dehydrated! I was also told by the paramedics that I was lucky my son is very big for his age otherwise the outcome could have been a lot worse and possibly could have died! I feel that schools and parents need to be made aware of this and children in schools made aware of the severity/dangers of these vapes!!

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