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Youtuber PDin Criticizes Meghan Markle Saying “She is Humiliated And Rejected Blocked at Every Turn (Video)

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Popular Youtuber PDina expressed her opinions on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s current situation, stating that the couple’s Hollywood ambitions have hit a rough patch. PDina criticized Meghan’s alleged pursuit of high-profile positions and the constant drama surrounding the couple.

PDina pointed out that Meghan is determined to establish herself in Hollywood, but her approach has backfired. She allegedly hounded the Governor of California to secure a seat once held by Dianne Feinstein, leading to Governor Gavin Newsom refusing to take her calls. This has exposed Meghan’s intentions, with PDina implying that her marriage to Harry was primarily for personal gain.

The video also touched on Prince Harry’s reported regrets about leaving the royal family and how his outreach to his brother, Prince William, has not been met with forgiveness or acceptance. The tension between the two brothers appears to be unresolved.

Furthermore, PDina claimed that Meghan’s struggles in Hollywood are evident in her plummeting popularity and the absence of high-profile projects. Despite recently partnering with WME (William Morris Endeavor), Meghan has allegedly been unable to secure any new deals, making her mental health suffer due to setbacks and challenges.

The ongoing writer and actor strikes in Hollywood have further complicated Meghan’s efforts, limiting the opportunities for her to secure roles. PDina suggested that Meghan’s refusal to put in the necessary work and her eagerness to use her royal connection have led to her current predicament.

PDina speculated that if Meghan and Harry’s Hollywood aspirations fail, they might resort to a reality show to sustain their lifestyle, a move Prince Harry is said to be hesitant about. PDina urged the couple to learn from their mistakes and humbly take advice from seasoned royals like Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who has managed to maintain an impeccable public image and work ethic.

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In conclusion, PDina emphasized that unless Prince Harry and Meghan Markle change their ways and approach their careers with humility and hard work, their future in Hollywood remains uncertain. Their current struggles, publicized setbacks, and controversial actions could hinder their ability to achieve the success they desire.

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