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‘If it doesn’t work out for Holly at ITV, maybe there’s a future waiting for her at the BBC

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Martin Frizzell, the editor, has spoken out about the controversial departure of Phillip Schofield from the program. Frizzell’s comments come as ITV faces allegations of fostering a toxic work environment. He suggests that there may be unresolved issues among the staff. Showbiz reporter Steph Touching joins us to provide further insights into this unfolding situation.

Touching highlights the significance of Frizzell’s reference to “scores to settle,” which appears to be directed at Eamonn Holmes, who typically sits in Frizzell’s position. The past week has seen a growing scandal surrounding Phillip Schofield, with several former colleagues, including Eamonn Holmes and Dan Wooten, openly discussing their experiences at ITV. Notably, even individuals not associated with the channel, like Dr. Ranj Singh, have come forward to share their conversations with Emma Gormley, the head of daytime programming at ITV, regarding Frizzell’s behavior.

Frizzell’s decision to speak publicly about the matter is unexpected, as the cases against him have been mounting. He acknowledges that the Schofield scandal has dominated the headlines for 23 consecutive days, causing strain on his team. Frizzell asserts that he works with an excellent group of women, primarily mothers. However, recent reports have raised concerns about a 2019 investigation into allegations of sexism against Frizzell by former senior staff members.

Expressing confidence in ITV’s position, Frizzell reveals that the network has hired an external barrister to conduct a thorough investigation into all the claims. This move signals ITV’s belief that they will ultimately be cleared of any wrongdoing. Nevertheless, there are doubts about the impartiality of internal investigations conducted by ITV itself. The involvement of an external party may bring fresh perspectives and shed new light on the allegations.

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Frizzell’s decision to make a public statement at this stage raises questions about its timing. With an external investigation by a barrister on the horizon and upcoming questioning by Members of Parliament, some wonder if Frizzell’s confidence may be premature. Typically, organizations and representatives adopt a more humble approach, awaiting the outcomes before making bold public statements. ITV’s seemingly unwavering confidence suggests that they believe the allegations of toxicity within their ranks are unfounded, despite widespread media coverage.

Touching draws attention to conflicting reports in today’s newspapers. One source claims that Holly, who is set to return to the show, has prepared an emotional monologue to address the situation. This has generated anticipation among loyal “This Morning” viewers eager to hear her response. Additionally, there have been rumors that the BBC has expressed interest in Holly, should her future with ITV become uncertain.

The upcoming monologue from Holly, known for her non-controversial image and adored by the public, carries significant weight. Many expect her to deliver a heartfelt speech, considering her close personal and professional relationship with Philip Schofield spanning 14 years. Touching suggests that Holly will likely approach the criticisms surrounding the controversy with care, given the intense media scrutiny.

As the story enters its third week, surpassing the usual duration for such news, it has transformed into an ongoing drama with elements reminiscent of a theatrical production. The sustained discussions and media coverage indicate that Stephanie Touching and her colleagues will continue to be engrossed in the story for the foreseeable future.

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