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Home Office Rejected My Passport Application Despite I Was Born In UK, I Think I,m Not British Enough- Angela Jone 23yrs Laments

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Angela Jones, a 23-year-old woman from Herne Hill, south London, has found herself in a difficult situation. She was born and raised in the UK and has never left the country. However, when she applied for a passport for the first time, her application was rejected, and she was told that she is stateless.

Angela’s younger brother also applied for a passport at the same time, and his application was approved without any issues. They both submitted the same documents, including their birth certificates and their mother’s death certificate. Angela was confused and upset when she found out that her application had been rejected while her brother’s was accepted.

The reason given to Angela was that her mother was not a British citizen or considered settled in the UK when Angela was born. This meant that she did not meet the qualifications for British citizenship, even though her brother did. Angela was told that it was the discretion of the person reviewing her application that led to this decision.

Angela shared her frustration, saying that she had asked why her brother had been able to get a passport while she hadn’t, but she didn’t receive a clear answer. She felt that it was unfair that she, as a British citizen who had lived, worked, and paid taxes in the UK her whole life, was now being told that she couldn’t leave the country.

This situation has had a significant impact on Angela’s dreams of becoming an actor. After finishing drama school last year, she was excited about the opportunities that awaited her. However, she is now unable to accept any acting jobs that involve filming in other countries because she doesn’t have a passport.

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Angela explained that she had never applied for a passport before because her family didn’t have the money to go on holidays when she was younger. But now that she is older and has the means to travel, she realizes the importance of having a passport, especially for her work.

She described the situation as “comically absurd” because she knows she is a British citizen. She has the right to work, live, and buy a house in the UK, but she is now being told that she is stateless. The Home Office sent her a form to apply for citizenship, but the first requirement on the form is a passport, which she cannot obtain.

The Home Office admitted that Angela’s case is confusing. They explained that although she was born in the UK, the British Nationality Act passed after her birth did not automatically grant her citizenship because there was no evidence that her mother was a citizen at that time. They also acknowledged the inconsistency in her brother receiving a passport while she did not, even though they have the same parents.

Angela’s situation highlights the challenges faced by individuals who, despite being born and raised in a country, can find themselves in a bureaucratic struggle to obtain essential documents that confirm their citizenship and allow them to travel freely.

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