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I don’t Believe Them: Nana Akua Reacts to Prince Harry & Meghan’s Contemplation of Ending Tell-All Interviews”

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Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have recently suggested that they may be stepping away from their highly anticipated tell-all interviews, leaving fans and media pundits with a bittersweet feeling. Nana Akua, a respected commentator on royal affairs, has shared her insights and emotions in response to this potentially significant decision by the royal couple.

Nana Akua, a well-known voice in the realm of royal commentary, expressed a mix of emotions:

According to her: “This could be my last Harry and Megan monologue. It’s bittersweet. I mean, the Duke and Duchess of Hazard are apparently going to spare us. They said that they’re going to be behind the camera from now on. No more podcasts, no more fly-on-the-world mockumentaries, no motel or memoirs. Thank God, I’m relieved.

It was sort of like waiting for an accident to happen because you knew it would, and then watching it in slow motion. No one wants to see it, but you just can’t help but look. Although, to be honest, I don’t believe them because even as they are saying this, Prince Harry is limbering up for a showdown on Tuesday, which he didn’t need to go to. And it will be one of the first times a member of the royal family has appeared in the dock. And he still has other court cases to get through, all initiated by him, some would say on Wednesday, as they could end up costing him large chunks of his newly acquired fortune.

And all might not be well in the Montecito mansion either. If reports are to be believed, Harry has a bolt hole in a swanky hotel close by. Apparently, they’ve had this for a while, but it seems a bit odd when you have a whole mansion and could easily escape the other by just going into one of the rooms. Maybe Megan’s got the ick after Harry spoke of the frostbitten man and all the details that he revealed in the book. I mean, I learned that phrase off my teenage daughter. Then I experienced it for myself when my date wore three-quarter-length skinny fit chinos. It was so bad; I remember saying, ‘What the hell have you got on?’ Needless to say, we never saw each other again.

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After the revelations of the drug taking in Harry’s book, he may end up back in the UK cap in hand if the Americans kick him out, which is, in my view, beginning to look more and more likely. Perhaps that new PR has pointed out their string of angered attempts to damage the royal family, which have only boomeranged back more vociferously and pretty much all ended in ridicule, with celebrities distancing themselves and people from all around the world laughing at them. The Americans have a field day with these two.

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