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I Came from Poland to UK with just £200, Now My Company Worth Millions Of Pounds

I Came from Poland to UK with just £200, Now My Company Worth Millions Of Pounds
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A man has shared his inspiring journey of building a successful business worth millions of pounds after arriving in the UK with just £200 and a bicycle. Alex Landowski, originally from Poland, came to London 13 years ago.

When he first arrived in Britain, Alex worked as an unpaid cycle courier in the capital. However, he has now established a thriving medical delivery business, Medical Logistics, which generates an impressive annual turnover of £7 million. The company, known for its innovative drone delivery system, is the only dedicated 24/7 medical courier service in London. Alex manages a team of 25 employees and over 50 contractors.

At the age of 37, Alex moved to the UK with the aim of earning enough money to repay a debt he had incurred from a failed business venture in Poland. He explains, “I received some financial assistance from the government and opened a shop selling sneakers. But due to my lack of experience and youthful impulsiveness, I quickly made and lost a significant amount of money. I had to repay the government approximately £20,000.”

Alex’s family supported him by taking care of the debt while he searched for ways to repay them. With his last £200, he made the decision to move to London, despite having limited knowledge of the English language. He recalls, “Considering its size, I believed that I would have opportunities there.” After weeks of searching, he finally secured a job as a bike courier, albeit unpaid.

He recounts, “As I was running out of money and my £200 was dwindling, I realized I couldn’t continue cycling around London without any income, so I quit. However, those three weeks gave me a valuable understanding of the city, which allowed me to claim I had some experience.”

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This experience helped him secure a paid job as a bike courier, enabling him to save enough money to rent his own room. However, with limited income, he eventually found himself living in precarious conditions, squatting illegally in an empty warehouse near Old Street in North London.

Describing his living situation, he says, “Although there were many eccentric individuals, the warehouse provided water and electricity without any bills.” Two months later, bailiffs arrived to clear the property, leading Alex to realize he needed to find a new place to live.

He managed to rent a room in a typical council estate in Bethnal Green. Determined to improve his circumstances, Alex became one of the top riders for his employer within a year, doubling his daily income from £30 to £60.

After years in the bike courier industry, Alex felt ready to become his own boss once again. He reflects, “My previous employer, although small, provided excellent service. It got me thinking that there was a gap in the market for dedicated medical couriers in London offering that level of service. That became my plan.”

With a £50,000 investment from a friend, Alex started his own medical delivery service, catering to GPs and clinics. The success he achieved allowed him to take his business to new heights by incorporating drones for the urgent delivery of blood supplies, medication, and lab samples. This venture was made possible through a partnership with UK aerial solutions partners, Skyfarer and Altitude Angel.

Alex, who initially studied political science and journalism at university before venturing into sneaker sales, comments, “Drones are a logical progression. The technology can save lives, time, and the environment. Delivering organs is not far off. I never expected things to take off like this.” Alex now resides in the Cotswolds with his wife and two children, and he hopes to obtain UK citizenship.

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Expressing his gratitude and commitment to job creation, he adds, “Creating jobs is my way of expressing gratitude for being given an opportunity.

The UK has always treated me well, and every time I share my story, it has a positive impact.”

Fizza Qureshi, from the Migrants’ Rights Network, acknowledges the valuable contribution of migrants and their positive impact on society when they are provided with safe environments and the right conditions to thrive.

Alex’s remarkable journey is a testament to his resilience, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. From starting as an unpaid bike courier to establishing a successful medical delivery business with cutting-edge drone technology, he has overcome numerous challenges along the way.

Now residing in the picturesque Cotswolds with his family, Alex has not forgotten his roots. He remains grateful to the UK for giving him a chance to rebuild his life and achieve his dreams. By creating job opportunities, he sees it as a way to give back and show his appreciation.

As he looks towards the future, Alex continues to strive for growth and innovation. His vision extends beyond medical deliveries, with the ambitious goal of eventually using drones for organ transportation, further revolutionizing the field.

Alex’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the possibilities that can arise from determination, adaptability, and seizing opportunities. Through hard work and unwavering commitment, he has transformed his life and built a multimillion-pound business, leaving a positive impact on the community and society as a whole.

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