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I can’t Believe this: People Reacts As Brand-New Car Gets Vandalized During Blues Match

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A devoted supporter of Birmingham City Football Club is sharing a cautionary tale to raise awareness about a distressing incident he experienced. Paul Need, a passionate fan, parked his beloved Peugeot 3008, worth £23,000, on Garrison Street one sunny afternoon on May 8. Excited to watch his team face Sheffield United, he headed to the game with his brother, unaware of the misfortune that awaited him

When the match ended and the brothers returned to the parking spot before 5 pm, their hearts sank. The sight that greeted them was nothing short of a nightmare. Paul’s cherished car had been ruthlessly stripped of its front end, leaving behind a mere empty shell. The shock and disappointment washed over him, realizing that his car, which he had only purchased in January, now rested in a salvage yard, pending a verdict on whether it could be salvaged or declared a total loss.

Paul Need wants to ensure that fellow fans are well-informed and cautious if they choose to park in Garrison Street on matchdays. Understanding the risks involved, he hopes to shed light on the vulnerability of vehicles in the area. Reflecting on the bustling atmosphere with approximately 50-60 cars parked during matches, he wants to impart a sense of vigilance among supporters.

The heartache deepened for Mr. Need as he observed the extent of the theft. His car’s bumper, bonnet, fog lights, headlights, and panels had been meticulously dismantled by the thieves. He emphasized that the car had not been forcibly entered, revealing that the culprits had cunningly disconnected one of the battery terminals to silence the alarm system. The audacity of the crime left him disheartened.

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During the ordeal, passersby from the Garrison Pub alleyway expressed concern and offered assistance. They shook their heads in disbelief, unable to fathom the audacity of such an act. Feeling distressed, Paul promptly contacted the police, but regrettably, no officer was dispatched to the scene.

His insurance company redirected him to another service provider who arranged for his car’s transportation. With bated breath, he now awaits the outcome, uncertain whether his car can be restored or if it will be deemed beyond repair. Additionally, he frets over the £550 excess he must pay and the potential rise in his insurance premiums.

The West Midlands Police have initiated an investigation into the incident and urge anyone with pertinent information to come forward. They have made it convenient for individuals to reach out via Live Chat on their website or by dialing 101, citing investigation number 20/414025/23. The authorities are determined to bring the culprits to justice and prevent further instances of such heartrending car thefts.

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