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A big Red double-Decker bus Caught fire on a Busy Street in Birmingham

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A big red double-decker bus caught fire on a busy street in Birmingham. The police said that someone purposely set the bus on fire, which made part of Soho Road close down last night.

The fire happened yesterday evening, between Rookery Road and Alfred Road. Thankfully, nobody got hurt in the incident.

There is a video that shows the bus on fire. The top part of the bus, where people usually sit, was completely covered in flames. The police put up yellow tape around the area just before 7:30 in the evening. Firefighters came and put out the fire.

A person named Jack Hopcroft saw everything happen. He was on a different bus going back to town when he noticed flashing police lights in the distance. When he got closer, he saw the bus and the police tape around it. All the passengers had to get off the bus. Only the police were there at the scene.

Another person named Uldris Izar was driving near the stadium and saw thick, dark smoke at first. He didn’t know right away that the smoke was coming from the bus until he saw the fire.

The West Midlands Fire Service received the first call about the fire at 7:20 in the evening. Firefighters from Handsworth came to help. They used special equipment, like masks and water hoses, to put out the fire on the top part of the bus.

The fire was not an accident. It was started on purpose, which is called arson. The police and fire investigators came to the scene to find out who did it and why.

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