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Prince Harry’s lawyer in the US said he’ll find out if he lied about using drugs, adding, “We could see him deported.”

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According Gbnews presenter, “Prince Harry is quickly realizing the meaning of the phrase ‘when it rains, it pours.’ After the Fate car chase and losing a major court battle with the UK government, his global popularity is plunging, and he’s facing a host of other legal wrangles. The Duke of delusion could soon be facing the explosive prospect of deportation from the United States for lying on his immigration visa about previous drug use.

In his grim tell-all memoir, Prince Harry revealed his use of various substances, from cannabis and magic mushrooms to class A drugs like cocaine. However, US immigration laws consider any foreigner admitting to drug use as inadmissible. Now, the respected US think tank, the Heritage Foundation, is battling Joe Biden’s government to obtain Harry’s full visa application, aiming to uncover the truth.

Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation, stated that America wants Harry to go home. He believes that only a small percentage of the population supports Harry and Meghan’s “nonsense.” Americans are more likely to side with Britain if Harry faces deportation. Roberts expressed the desire for Harry to return to Britain or somewhere else, comparing the sentiment to how Americans view President Biden.

The legal charge against Harry and his visa is being led by Samuel Dewey, outside counsel at the Heritage Foundation’s oversight project. Dewey highlighted the obstruction and denials they face from the Biden Administration. He emphasized the public interest in understanding whether Harry received preferential treatment. They are confident in their case and believe the records should be made public, but they anticipate a long legal battle.

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Considering Harry’s revelations of being a consistent user of illegal drugs, it seems unlikely that he would gain access to the US if he were an ordinary individual. This case highlights the perception of special treatment for a global elite with leftist ideology who tries to profit from his title while lecturing everyday Americans on how to live. Dewey insists that if Harry wants to lecture Americans while using his royal title, he should scrupulously comply with US rules, which he has failed to do.

The suspicion of special treatment arises from Harry and Meghan’s explicit support for Joe Biden during the last election, urging US voters to remove Donald Trump from office. Dewey believes that the Biden Administration is ignoring immigration laws and opposes efforts to fix the issues at the Southern border, drawing parallels to the situation in the United Kingdom. He suggests that the only consistent principle seems to be special treatment for their friends.

The Heritage Foundation plans to pursue the truth by litigating the case in federal court, where a federal judge will have the final say. Despite the Biden Administration’s attempts to frustrate the case, Dewey is determined to hold them accountable through lawful FOIA requests and court orders for disclosure.

While there may be a change of government in the US in the future, potentially impacting Harry’s residency, Dewey predicts a seismic change in border policy and a serious attempt to defend American sovereignty if there is a return of President Trump to the White House or even the rise of a President Ron DeSantis.

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Deportation from the US remains a possibility for Prince Harry if it is proven that he lied on his immigration form. If he is found to have lied, it is common for individuals to be deported. Dewey stresses the importance of continuing the fight and not allowing someone to boast about breaking the law and then receive preferential treatment. Many Brits aspire to enter the US, and it is crucial to maintain the integrity of the immigration process.

Samuel Dewey, the outside counsel at the Heritage Foundation’s oversight project, is determined to keep fighting this fascinating case and encourages others to support the cause.”

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