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I hope they get what they deserve in prison, People reacts As Parents who murdered 10-month-old son sentenced to life in prison

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Finley Bowden had a short life, and sadly, his first Christmas would also be his last. He was only 10 months old when he was killed by the people who were supposed to take care of him, his own parents. Shannon Marsden and Stephen Bowden were found guilty of murdering their son in a court called Derby Crown Court on April 14th.

The last time Finley was seen alive was captured on a video recorded by a security camera on Christmas Eve. It is heart-wrenching to think about it.

From their home in Chesterfield, his parents subjected him to terrible abuse. Experts described their actions as extremely cruel and brutal.

The injuries inflicted on the poor boy were numerous, including 130 bruises, broken bones, and burns, one of which was caused by a hot flat surface. Tragically, Finley passed away in the hospital in the early hours of Christmas morning in 2020.

When the authorities visited their home, they discovered that the living conditions were filthy and unsanitary. They also found dirty baby clothes and signs that his parents were using cannabis, an illegal drug. It is shocking to think that a defenseless child like Finley had to endure such circumstances.

Previously, Social Services had taken Finley away from his parents due to concerns about his safety. However, he was later returned to them, despite social workers recommending a longer transition period and expressing worries about drug use within the household.

Recently, court documents relating to the family court hearing in Finley’s case were released to the media. These documents revealed how the couple deceived the agency responsible for looking after Finley, leading to his return home earlier than advised. They sent pictures of a clean and tidy house to social workers in Derbyshire and made promises to stop using cannabis. These false representations played a significant role in the decision to send Finley back home without thorough consideration of the risks.

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In response to this tragic case, a review has been initiated by the Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership. The goal of this joint agency approach is to identify the mistakes made and learn valuable lessons from this heartbreaking situation.

The findings of the review will be made public by the end of the year. A spokesperson for the partnership acknowledged that the court has allowed the release of documents related to the family court hearing involving Finley Bowden. Additionally, key agencies involved are conducting an independent local child safeguarding practice review, and these documents will be carefully examined as part of that process.

Finley Bowden was completely defenseless in the hands of his killers, his own parents. Instead of providing him with the care and protection he deserved, they caused him immense suffering and misery.

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