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“Princess Anne’s Candid Question to Mike Tindall Revealed: Will His Nose Be Straightened for Wedding Photos?”

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A surprising question asked by Princess Anne to Mike Tindall has recently resurfaced in an interview. The interview, conducted by the Daily Mail about a month before Mike and Zara’s wedding in 2011, revealed some interesting details about Mike’s experience joining the royal family. He shared a memorable moment with his future mother-in-law. Despite now being a familiar face in the royal family, it’s important to remember that marrying into royalty was a big deal for the former England rugby player.

In the interview, Mike admitted feeling nervous when he was about to propose to Zara. While he was upstairs gathering the courage, Zara was downstairs watching television. Their proposal was a simple and down-to-earth moment, with Mike getting down on one knee while Zara sat on the sofa at their home.

Although Mike’s family was initially surprised and anxious about his marriage into the royal family, he discovered that they were just like any normal family behind closed doors. He mentioned that they were the nicest people when he spent time with them in a casual setting.

He praised Prince Harry and Prince William, saying that when you meet them in a comfortable environment where they feel secure, they behave like normal people and engage in normal conversations. Despite their public image, they are just a regular family inside.

In the interview, Mike also shared a direct question from Princess Anne after his engagement to Zara. She asked jokingly if he would have his nose straightened for the wedding photos, referring to his famous crooked nose. However, Mike clarified that she never demanded or required him to change his nose, contrary to any rumors or speculation.

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Mike explained that his nose was first broken as a child when the seat belt in a dodgem car didn’t work properly. Throughout his rugby career, it was injured a few more times. Although he didn’t have his nose fixed for the wedding, he underwent surgery last year to repair the damage, which had caused breathing difficulties.

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