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“Inside the Royal Rules: Princess Charlotte’s Nanny Sets the Standards for Discipline and Outdoor Adventure!”

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Princess Charlotte follows two strict rules set by her nanny, according to claims. Her nanny is highly trained and comes from a special school called Norland College. This school teaches nannies how to take care of important families and even teaches them how to protect themselves.

Charlotte’s nanny is said to be very strict with the royal children. They have some specific rules that Charlotte, her brothers, and her nanny follow.

The Prince and Princess of Wales hired Maria Borrallo as a nanny when their youngest son, Prince Louis, was only eight months old. Maria still lives with the family at Kensington Palace and goes with them on trips.

An expert on Norland nannies talked about Maria’s approach in an interview. She mentioned that Maria doesn’t tolerate crying or bad behavior from the children. When they appear in public, they have to be well-behaved and not throw tantrums. Norland nannies may look old-fashioned in their uniforms, but their methods are modern and straightforward.

The expert also mentioned some specific rules that Maria might have for Charlotte, George, and Louis. They have to go to bed at 7 pm, and they spend a lot of time playing outside. Norland nannies believe in outdoor play and teach children through activities. The children are expected to get fresh air every day, even if it’s raining. They just need to wear appropriate clothes.

One interesting thing is that the children don’t have to sit on a “naughty step” for discipline, as Norland nannies don’t use it.

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The nanny also helps the children to eat well and not be picky eaters. She speaks to them in different languages as she knows six languages.

Overall, Princess Charlotte has a nanny who is strict but cares for her and her siblings with love.

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