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They Won’t Pay Enough: Lady Colin Campbell Says Meghan Markle’s Reputation May Affect Potential Dior Deal

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Lady Colin Campbell, a well-known commentator, has expressed her thoughts on a possible collaboration between Meghan Markle and the fashion brand Dior. Lady Campbell believes that Meghan’s damaged reputation could make it difficult for her to secure a highly profitable agreement.

According to Lady Campbell, Dior, being a prestigious brand, might have the advantage in negotiations. She suggests that they could offer Meghan a lower sum of money due to her tarnished image. Lady Campbell implies that Dior might not see Meghan as a valuable asset and could take advantage of her situation.

These comments raise concerns about Meghan’s future career prospects after leaving the British royal family amidst controversy. While she still has a loyal fan base, critics question her marketability and appeal given the controversies surrounding her and Prince Harry.

If a collaboration with Dior does happen, it could be a crucial moment for Meghan’s career. Her new agents at Wav are working hard to improve her public image, and partnering with a renowned brand like Dior could help her establish herself in the fashion industry.

However, Lady Campbell’s remarks remind us that Meghan’s path to professional independence may not be easy or financially rewarding. Her past controversies and the scrutiny she faces could limit the size of the deal she can secure with Dior or other top brands.

As we wait to see what Meghan’s next career move will be, it remains to be seen if she can overcome the challenges and perceptions surrounding her public image and achieve a lucrative agreement with Dior or other well-known companies.

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