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Watch: “Holly Willoughby Considers Leaving This Morning Due to Phillip Schofield Conflict”

Willoughby Considers Leaving This Morning Due to Phillip Schofield Conflict"
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Holly Willoughby is currently facing a difficult situation because of the ongoing problems on the TV show This Morning, involving her former best friend Phillip Schofield. According to a source, Holly has thought about quitting the show because of this issue. She really enjoys her work and doesn’t want to leave, but the situation is making it hard for her to cope.

The source suggests that Holly might feel better if she distances herself from the situation. Meanwhile, Phillip, who recently cut ties with his brother Timothy Schofield after he was found guilty of child sexual abuse, continues to appear on the show with Holly as usual.

Some viewers have noticed that their body language seems tense and uncomfortable. They say it’s awkward to watch, and even the guests on the show seem uncomfortable. One viewer tweeted that Holly and Phil seem distant and Holly can’t even look at him.

Interestingly, the show’s usual segment where they review newspapers on Monday mornings was shortened, and they didn’t show newspapers with stories about the feud between Phil and Holly on the front pages.

The source claims that Holly is tired of being lied to and feels trapped. She knows she could easily find another job at a different TV channel, so she wants ITV, the network that airs This Morning, to assure her that she will be taken care of if she decides to stay.

The show’s producers might need to take action if many viewers stop watching. According to official numbers, Monday’s episode had an average of 726,720 viewers, which is 170,000 fewer viewers compared to the previous Monday.

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Neither Holly nor Phil has talked about the feud on the show, but Phil released a statement last week that raised eyebrows. He mentioned that the past few weeks haven’t been easy for either of them and said that Holly is his rock and an incredible support. However, Holly didn’t co-sign the statement. Phil was the one who convinced the TV bosses to hire Holly in the first place when they were unsure about her ability to handle serious news interviews.

Holly and Phil have been hosting This Morning together since 2009, after Phil used to host the show with Fern Britton, who quit after a big argument backstage.

In his autobiography, Phil mentioned that the disagreement they had in 2009 about the content of a show was the final straw in their professional relationship. Fern accused Phil of interfering, and that led to her decision to leave This Morning.

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