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Woman who ‘died and spent three days in heaven’ shares the chilling discovery she made about the future

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A woman who says she ‘died and spent three days in heaven’ has shared a frightening discovery about the future. Julie Poole, who is a spiritual teacher, has made a career out of helping others with her advice.

However, she suffered from physical, mental, sexual, and emotional abuse from a young age. Despite this, she says it helped her become more spiritual.

Poole has always been open about her experiences and often writes about them. She recently talked about her near-death experience after a suicide attempt.

The author said that in her 20s, she took an overdose of her medication and ‘died,’ being transported to a heaven-like ‘spirit realm.’ There, Poole claimed she received visions of mankind’s future. She said, “I suddenly saw my guides and angels around me. They lifted me up and took me to the Higher Realms. I remember saying, ‘I’m going home,’ but they told me, ‘No you’re not, it’s not your time.'”

The spirits allegedly told her, “We warned you it would be too hard and too overwhelming, and now here you are at 21 trying to leave.”

Poole said she returned to her earthly body three days later but remembers the last words from these beings. They promised her that between 2012 and 2032 would mark the start of a new ‘Golden Age’ for mankind.

Poole explained that they continued to say: “What we mean by the Golden Age is that for millennia now there has been an enormous amount of power, abuse and control… all of that has been held by the few and has controlled the masses.

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“This Golden Age is bringing an equality across the board, so that which is false and fake and untrue and corrupt will fall away.”

Poole said she certainly believes in this idea and claimed we are moving closer to a ‘day of reckoning’.

She continued: “It’s coming up not so that we can have some sort of Armageddon, but the people in power that are corrupt are getting found out.

“They’re getting caught and kicked out, and people that have a pure heart pure intentions are coming in instead.”

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