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Retired Policeman Who Helped Catch A Shoplifter At A Sainsbury’s Store Fined £130 For His Action

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A Retired Policeman Who Helped Catch A Shoplifter At A Sainsbury’s Store Was Fined £130 For His Actions, While The Thief Walked Away Scot Free. As Reported By Daily Mail, The Incident Happened On October 24, 2023, At A Sainsbury’s Branch In Winchester, Hampshire. Adrian Liptrot, 20, Was Caught Stealing A White Phone Charger Worth £17.99 By The Store’s Security Alarm. He Was Confronted By A Security Guard, Who Asked Him To Return The Item And Show His Receipt.

However, Liptrot refused to cooperate and tried to run away from the store. That’s when a 58-year-old former police officer, who was shopping at the store, stepped in to help the security guard. He chased Liptrot and managed to detain him outside the store until the police arrived. But instead of being thanked for his bravery, the ex-cop was slapped with a £130 fine for using “excessive force” on Liptrot.

The security guard claimed that the ex-cop had pushed Liptrot to the ground and caused him to suffer a cut on his face. Liptrot, on the other hand, was not charged with any offence and was released without any penalty. The ex-cop, who did not want to be named, said he was shocked and outraged by the outcome. He said he had acted in good faith and in accordance with his training as a former police officer.

He said he had only used reasonable force to restrain Liptrot and prevent him from escaping. He said he felt betrayed by the security guard, who had initially thanked him for his assistance. He also said he felt let down by the police and the justice system, which had failed to punish the real offender. He said he was considering appealing the fine and suing Sainsbury’s for defamation. He said he hoped his case would highlight the plight of law-abiding citizens who try to help the police and end up being penalized.

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He said he wanted to send a message to the public that they should not be afraid to stand up to criminals and protect their communities. He said he believed that shoplifting was a serious crime that had a negative impact on the economy and society. He said he was appalled by the brazenness of some shoplifters, who would steal from stores in broad daylight and in front of staff and customers. He said he had witnessed several incidents of shoplifting during his visits to Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets.

He said he had always reported them to the store staff or the police, but he felt that they were not taken seriously enough. He said he was disappointed by the lack of deterrents and consequences for shoplifters, who would often get away with a slap on the wrist or no punishment at all. He said he hoped that his story would raise awareness and spark a debate about the need for tougher measures and more support for the victims of shoplifting. said he also hoped that his story would inspire more people to join the police force and serve their country.

He said he was proud of his 30-year career as a police officer, which he had retired from two years ago. He said he had joined the police force because he wanted to make a difference and uphold the law.

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