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Prince Harry Fumes Over Royal Family’s Silence on His Nigeria Efforts, Expert Reveals

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently visited Nigeria, turning what was meant to be a trip for Harry’s Invictus Games into something resembling a royal tour. This “faux royal tour” saw them engaging with the Nigerian government on important issues like mental health and youth opportunities. Despite their efforts and the positive impact of the trip, Harry hoped for some recognition from his family, but the royal family remained silent.

In early May, Harry was briefly in the UK to attend an Invictus Games event. While members of Princess Diana’s family were present, no one from the royal family showed up, highlighting the ongoing tensions. After the event, Harry headed straight to Nigeria to join Meghan.

During their stay in Nigeria, Harry and Meghan connected with many locals, embraced the culture, and had meaningful conversations about mental health, parenting, and other important topics. Unfortunately, the royal family did not acknowledge their trip, which reportedly upset Harry.

“Harry and Meghan consider their Nigeria trip a big success, but for Harry, every success feels like a setback when his family ignores his efforts and won’t apologize for past issues,” said royal expert Tom Bradby to The Mirror. Harry seems to still crave validation and holds out hope for mending the relationship with his family.

The Nigeria visit brought good publicity for both the couple and the Invictus Games. However, PR expert Lynn Carratt told The Mirror that it might have angered the royal family. “These faux-royal tours could worsen their rift with the royal family if not handled properly,” Carratt said. “Their Nigerian tour had all the signs of a royal tour, which reportedly upset the palace.” There may be some speculation here, as royal sources aren’t always reliable. It’s possible that King Charles is happy for Harry and Meghan, but if not, this could add to the existing tension.

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Harry and Meghan have mostly distanced themselves from the royal family, though Harry still supports his family when needed. It’s unlikely fans will see either of them at this year’s Trooping the Colour ceremony.

Overall, Harry and Meghan’s Nigeria trip was a mix of cultural engagement and serious discussions, showing their dedication to important causes despite the lack of royal recognition. The couple’s efforts continue to make headlines, and their journey of balancing public roles with personal challenges remains compelling.

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