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Queen Camilla Is Panicking About King Charles’ Death

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This was definitely not in the card for her this year. There’s strong speculation on social media that suggests Queen Camilla is in panic mode over her husband King Charles and his very dire health situation.

This comes after another report suggested that the palace is already preparing for the King of England’s funeral as they believe that his cancer is progressing in the wrong direction. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Queen Camilla Is Panicking About King Charles’ Death

Queen Camilla is panicking about King Charles’ death. He waited his entire life to become the King of England and only a little after one year on the job, he found out that he was diagnosed with cancer. And now things have gotten so bad that many of his royal handlers believe that his time is going to come sooner rather than later. And for Queen Camilla, this is very troubling.

Camilla Parker Bowles had also waited a very long time to marry the love of her life, King Charles. She endured a lot of bullying and was made into a social outcast when Princess Diana suggested that she was the third person in her then marriage to Prince Charles.

Queen Camilla never retaliated against Princess Diana but waited long enough to marry Charles several years after the Princess of Wales’s death. For Camilla, it was certainly worth the wait as she knew that Charles was always the one true love of her life.

What’s Next For The Royal Family?
But now that his health has worsened, Queen Camilla can’t picture her own life without him. While there’s no doubt that King Charles’ death is going to be a very sad day for the entire royal family if not also for the world, it’s going to hit Camilla the hardest. That’s because he’s always been there through the good times and the bad. But he won’t be there when she’s going to need him the most.

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