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Meghan Markle’s Wants Princess Kate To Apologize To Her Immediately

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British royal family news divulges that Me-Again Meghan Markle is accused of throwing shade at ailing Princess Catherine.

The Duchess of Excess married her second husband Prince Harry Charming in 2018 and two short years later both traitors were living their dream in America.

According to one royal insider Meghan expected that Kate Middleton would throw her weight to Meghan and proclaim her a golden royal family member. In the end Meghan alleged was disappointed with Kate for not standing up for her.

Royal Family News – Meghan Upset With Kate
Royal expert Tom Quinn told The Mirror the Meghan “doesn’t feel guilty about Kate, because she feels that Kate should’ve been the one person in the Royal family to back her against every difficulty.

Apart from anything else, Meghan knew Kate was an outsider, so she just couldn’t understand why Kate always towed the Royal line rather than supporting her, Meghan, the other outsider.”

Now is not the time for Meghan to bring up old grudges. Kate is undergoing preventative chemotherapy for an unnamed cancer. She has been out of commission since January when she underwent a planned abdominal surgery.

Royal Family News – Meghan Expects An Apology From Kate

The surgery is thought to have gone well, but tests taken at that time later revealed that Kate has cancer.

Quinn shared that “Kate’s cancer diagnosis has been a real shock for Meghan, but she can see no way to patch up the relationship simply because it has become so poisonous.

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She also doesn’t want people saying that she is trying to make things up with Kate just because Kate is ill. Meghan still feels Kate was in the wrong and should apologise before they try to build bridges.”

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle Wants Kate To Apologize To Her

This outlandish news will not sit well with royalists. Fans of Princess Catherine are legion and loyal. How is it that Meghan, half a world away, can be thinking about Kate apologizing to her at a time like this?

Tell us royal fans, is this the most insensitive stunt that Meghan has pulled so far? Do you think that Kate has anything to apologize for?

Harry, and maybe Meghan, are expected to be in London for an Invictus Games event in May. Do you think that Kate should go out of her way to apologize to Meghan at that time?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the royal family. Come back here often for royal family news and updates.

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