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Royal Fallout: Meghan Markle Faces Backlash Over Major Event – Will She Abandon Prince Harry?

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As Prince Harry prepares to attend a significant event in London in May, speculation mounts over whether Meghan Markle will join him amidst growing public backlash and concerns within the Royal Family over cancer scares affecting King Charles and Kate, the Princess of Wales.

According to a report from Express News, Both King Charles, aged 75, and Kate, 42, recently disclosed their battles with cancer, with Kate bravely addressing the nation through a video statement on March 22. The revelation has added to the strain in Prince Harry’s relationship with his brother Prince William and the wider Royal Family, exacerbated by the Duke of Sussex’s previous comments about Kate and the family in his autobiography and Netflix series.

While Prince Harry made a brief visit to Britain in February following the news of the King’s illness, it appears that neither he nor Meghan were informed about the Princess of Wales’s health struggles prior to her public announcement.

Exclusive information obtained by indicates that both Harry and Meghan are included on the guest list for the Invictus Games 10th Anniversary Service at St. Paul’s Cathedral on May 8. However, amidst simmering tensions and the delicate health situation within the family, there are doubts about Meghan’s attendance at the event.

A source revealed, “Harry and Meghan are very keen to mend the relationship with his family, but they know that now might not be the right time, especially in light of Kate’s cancer announcement. They are happy to wait until the time is right before working on mending fences and building bridges. That means Meghan might have to sit this one out until the feeling among the public indicates that it is the right time to return.”

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The public response to King Charles and Kate’s cancer battles has been overwhelmingly supportive, with Queen Camilla expressing gratitude for the outpouring of affection towards the Princess of Wales during her recent public engagements.

During a visit to a farmers’ market in Shrewsbury town centre, Queen Camilla was approached by two young sisters, Harriet and Lois Waterston, aged ten and six respectively, who presented her with posters adorned with heartfelt messages for Kate. Camilla assured the girls that their messages would be conveyed to the Princess, acknowledging the significance of the public’s gestures of support during such challenging times.

The Queen’s interaction with the Waterston sisters marked her first public engagement with members of the public since the monarchy’s dual cancer scare, highlighting the profound impact of the health crises on both the Royal Family and the public.

As the Royal Family navigates through this period of uncertainty and concern, the decision regarding Meghan’s participation in the upcoming event with Prince Harry remains a subject of keen interest, reflecting broader tensions and the delicate balancing act facing the Sussexes amidst ongoing public scrutiny and familial challenges.

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