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Pregnant Meghan Markle Preventing Prince Harry From Bringing His Children To UK

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The anticipation of Prince Harry’s return to the United Kingdom has sparked curiosity and speculation about whether Meghan Markle and their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, will accompany him. While Prince Harry is reportedly “very keen” on the idea of a family visit to the UK, sources suggest that Meghan Markle is apprehensive and uncomfortable about returning to the country where she previously felt unwelcome.

Prince Harry recently confirmed his plans to return to the UK during an interview on Good Morning America. After a brief visit to his father, King Charles, who was diagnosed with cancer, Prince Harry mentioned that he has other trips planned, some of which would bring him back to the UK. He expressed his intention to stop by and see his family whenever possible.

Sources reveal that Prince Harry sees his upcoming visit, particularly for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, as an opportunity to build bridges with the rest of the Royal Family. The Invictus Games celebration is scheduled to take place at St Paul’s Cathedral in May, and Prince Harry is eager for Meghan and their children to join him on this significant occasion.

Despite Prince Harry’s enthusiasm, insiders suggest that Meghan Markle is hesitant about returning to the UK. A source mentioned to OK! magazine that Prince Harry is “adamant” about having Meghan and the children accompany him, but Meghan might find being in the UK uncomfortable. The source speculates that Meghan, having felt unwanted in the past, may question whether the situation would be any different this time.

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According to The Mirror, Meghan Markle’s negative experiences during her time as a member of the Royal Family, as highlighted in Omid Scobie’s book “Endgame,” might be contributing to her reluctance. The book states that Meghan “never felt at home” in the UK and has no desire to set foot in England again. The source indicates that “government-level talks” are underway, with calls and Zoom meetings planned to address concerns and pave the way for Meghan’s potential return.

Insiders believe that the Invictus Games trip could mark the beginning of Meghan and Harry’s reintegration into the royal fold. The Royal Family reportedly welcomes this move, acknowledging that now is the right time for everyone to come together. As discussions unfold, it remains to be seen whether Meghan Markle will overcome her reservations and join Prince Harry in the UK for this milestone event.

Prince Harry’s desire to reunite with his family in the UK for the Invictus Games reflects a hope for reconciliation and bridge-building within the Royal Family. While Prince Harry seems determined to have Meghan and their children by his side, Meghan’s apprehension adds a layer of complexity to their plans. As discussions continue, the Invictus Games may serve as a pivotal moment in determining whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can find common ground and mend strained relationships within the royal circle.

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