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Harry’s Royal Snub: How Queen Camilla Told Him to Leave and Never Come Back

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Prince Harry’s visit to his ailing father, King Charles III, has reportedly sparked a furious row with Queen Camilla, who allegedly told him to leave and never come back. The Duke of Sussex, who lives in Los Angeles with his wife Meghan Markle and their two children, flew to London on February 18, 2024, to see his father, who is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer at Clarence House.

However, his visit turned sour when he clashed with his stepmother, Queen Camilla, who was said to be ‘outraged’ by his behaviour and his lack of respect for the royal family.

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According to Marca, Prince Harry arrived at Clarence House without prior notice and demanded to see his father alone, asking Camilla to leave the room. He also made his father wait for hours, as he had other engagements in the city, such as meeting with his lawyers and his PR team

The Queen was reportedly ‘furious’ by Harry’s attitude and confronted him after his meeting with his father. She accused him of using his father’s illness as a ‘PR stunt’ and of being a ‘disgrace’ to the monarchy. She also told him that he was not welcome in the UK and that he should return to his ‘ritzy’ home in California.

A source close to the Queen told RadarOnline: “Camilla was outraged by Harry’s behaviour. She has taken a lot of abuse from him over the years, but this was the last straw. She told him that he had no right to barge in and demand to see his father, who is very ill and needs rest. She also told him that he had no place in the royal family and that he should stay away from them.

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The source added: “Harry was stunned by Camilla’s outburst. He tried to defend himself, saying that he loved his father and wanted to support him. He also said that he had a right to be there, as he was still a prince and a son. But Camilla was not having any of it. She told him that he had given up his rights when he quit the royal family and that he was no longer a son, but a traitor.

The source claimed that Harry left Clarence House in tears and flew back to Los Angeles the next day, without saying goodbye to his father or his brother, Prince William, who is the heir to the throne².

The row between Harry and Camilla is the latest episode in the ongoing feud between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family, which started in 2020, when Harry and Meghan announced their decision to step back from their senior roles and move to the US.

Since then, the couple have been involved in several controversies, such as giving a bombshell interview to Oprah Winfrey, in which they accused the royal family of racism and neglect, and publishing a memoir, in which Harry criticised Camilla for breaking up his parents’ marriage and called her ‘evil’ and ‘dangerous’ .

The royal family have been trying to mend the rift with Harry and Meghan, especially after the death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2023, and the ascension of King Charles III to the throne. However, Harry’s visit to his father has apparently worsened the situation and made any reconciliation unlikely.

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