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The Stunning Truth About Meghan Markle’s Racism and Suicide Claims, According to Candace Owens

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American conservative commentator Candace Owens has stirred controversy this week with incendiary remarks aimed at Meghan Markle, claiming the Duchess of Sussex harbored intentions to “deconstruct the royal family” upon marrying into the British monarchy.

Speaking on Nigel Farage’s GB News program, Owens dubbed Markle the “Princess of BLM,” a reference to the Black Lives Matter movement which Owens asserted Markle strongly supports. She described Markle and husband Prince Harry’s 2020 departure from official royal duties as the culmination of Meghan’s alleged long-held dream to take down the royal institution.

“Meghan Markle always wanted to deconstruct the royal family,” Owens declared. “She positioned herself as the Princess of BLM – Black Lives Matter – and was using her power and platform as a royal to stoke racial divisions, rather than racial unity, which is meant to be her job as a royal.”

Owens pointed to the timing of the Sussexes’ dramatic exit from royal life, coming on the heels of Prince Andrew stepping back from public duties over his ties to Jeffrey Epstein. She called it a “one-two punch” orchestrated to inflict maximum damage on the family.

Meghan saw the royal family was at its weakest and most vulnerable point, with Prince Andrew and all of his issues,” she said. “She comes out and says the royal family is racist, insensitive, and uncaring. This piles onto the horrible PR the family was already facing.”

The controversial media figure went on to characterize Markle as a manipulative social climber who deliberately pursued and seduced Prince Harry to access the privileges and prestige of the British Royal Family, only to then work to undermine the institution.

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“She pulls Harry away, separates him from his family, then turns him against his family by weaponizing race. This was always her plan. She never wanted to be a royal; she wanted to dismantle the royals and benefit from their destruction.”

Owens accused Markle of “using her marriage to intentionally destabilize the royal family,” calling her behavior “cruel, cunning sabotage.” She further asserted Meghan “couldn’t care less about British people or traditions,” dismissing the couple’s professed reasons for leaving as false pretense.

The incendiary commentary has sparked heated debate, with some echoing Owens’ condemnation while others have risen to defend the Duchess against what they deem unfounded attacks. Supporters of Meghan point to past racist treatment from certain media outlets as justification for distancing herself from royal life.

As is often the case with divisive public figures like Owens, reaction has tended toward partisan lines. Her allies on the political right cheer her willingness to “take on” liberal figures like Markle, while those on the left accuse her statements of being reactionary, prejudiced, and detached from reality.

Meanwhile in Britain, there are renewed questions over whether racism did contribute to Harry and Meghan’s departure, and if the royal family properly addressed such concerns. The controversy comes amid the early days of King Charles III’s reign, as the new monarch strives to show the monarchy remains relevant in modern, multicultural Britain.

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