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King Charles Left Heartbroken as Prince Harry Denies Him the Chance to See His Grandchildren

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Prince Harry has returned to the UK to be by his father’s side as King Charles III faces a cancer diagnosis. The 38-year-old Duke of Sussex flew into the UK on Tuesday afternoon, ready to reunite with his father despite their troubled relationship over recent years.

King Charles, 75, has postponed all public duties after receiving the shocking news that he has cancer. He has already begun medical treatment as an outpatient at Buckingham Palace, under the care of his team of specialist doctors. Further details about his diagnosis and proposed treatment plan have not been made public.

Royal commentators have expressed hopes that Harry’s return could help repair the strained bond between father and son. There are also suggestions Harry may try to heal his ongoing rift with his elder brother Prince William while back in the UK. However, Harry faced criticism for opting to not bring his children Archie and Lilibet with him to see their grandfather.

Royal expert Charles Rae said on GB News that Harry should have brought the young children to offer comfort to Charles in his time of need. “If you have just been diagnosed with cancer, what better way to do it than to have your grandchildren there?” said Rae. “Grandchildren bring an awful lot of love into your life, especially at moments when you are in a desperate situation.”

He suggested baby Lilibet, aged one, could have been an important source of joy for the King as he grapples with his diagnosis. Rae also hit out at Harry’s wife Meghan Markle for not accompanying her husband back to the UK. “It would have been nice for her to come along with Harry to say to the King, ‘I hope you get better soon’, with the kids,” Rae commented.

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There has been speculation Meghan is unlikely to ever return to Britain after stepping down from royal duties alongside Harry in 2020. The couple now live in California and have given explosive interviews criticizing their treatment by the Royal Family.

King Charles has endured a traumatic start to his reign since succeeding his late mother Queen Elizabeth II in September. In November, he was pelted with eggs during a public walkabout in York. His coronation ceremony has also been pushed back to June 2024 due to the challenges of organizing the grand affair on top of handling affairs of state

Now the monarch faces the daunting prospect of cancer treatment while continuing his kingly obligations. He has already been pictured looking visibly frail and using a walking stick after decades of health problems. As heir to the throne, Charles waited longer than any predecessor to finally ascend to the crown.

Tributes have poured in for the King from well-wishers around the UK and his Commonwealth realms. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the thoughts of the British public are with Charles and his family. Leaders from Australia and Canada also sent messages of support.

Buckingham Palace has not released specifics about the type or severity of the King’s cancer. But royal officials have asked the public to respect the monarch’s medical privacy as he focuses on treatment. Further updates are expected only if the King’s condition changes.

For now, Britons are hopeful Harry’s return can lift his father’s spirits when it is sorely needed. Reconciliation between the royals would surely bring Charles comfort too as he stares down cancer in the twilight of his reign.

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