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King Charles Will Abdicate  in 10 Years Time, The Reason Will Shock You

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King Charles III hasn’t been the monarch for that long but the end of his reign is already being discussed by someone who used to work for him.

The former royal family employee believes the king and Queen Camilla (formerly known as Camilla Parker Bowles) won’t be on the throne for more than a decade

Here’s the reason why the ex-aide says King Charles will “abdicate in 10 years.”

Reason King Charles’ ex-staffer thinks he has a 10-year plan to abdicate

Ever since the Queen of Denmark abdicated at the end of 2023 to make way for her son to become king, many have wondered if royals in other countries would follow suit. Well, at least one former royal employee thinks the House of Windsor will.

Paul Burrell began working in the royal household when he was 18 years old and served as Queen Elizabeth II‘s personal footman. In 1987, he was moved to the household of then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Speaking on behalf of Slingo Burrell opined that what happened in Denmark will happen in the U.K. saying: “I think [King Charles and Queen Camilla] have given this job 10 years. I think this is a 10-year plan. Since the beginning, I have thought that the king is buying William’s time and in 10 years the king will be in his mid-80s. I don’t think he will want to continue being king when crowned heads of Europe have found that they can hand over to their heirs and see them become monarch and enjoy it.”

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Burrell acknowledged that the late Queen Elizabeth probably never dreamed of abdicating but times are different now and so is King Charles.

“The queen would never have done that because she came from a different generation,” Burrell explained. “But the king will know exactly what to do and take a page out of Prince Philip’s book and say ‘I’ve done enough’ and want to do things he wants to do. I think the country will embrace a new, young king and queen and it will complete the circle that [Princess] Diana’s son will be king.

“I believe [Charles] will follow suit of the Queen of Denmark. He would want to see his son crowned, who wouldn’t want to see their son reach the pinnacle of their career? I think King Charles has a different approach than his mother, I think he will work hard for 10 years and then say it’s time for retirement and watch his son blossom.”

King Charles will lean on his sister, Princess Anne, a lot throughout the rest of his reign

Burrell added that he believes Prince William and the Princess of Wales (formerly known as Kate Middleton) will embark on another royal tour before 2024 concludes as the king and Camilla aren’t very fond of long trips at their age. And if the king needs help with anything else during his reign, he can always rely on his sister Princess Anne.

“In the autumn if Kate’s health is well enough, I foresee a royal tour because the king and queen don’t like long-haul travel,” Burrell said. “So I see a tour to Canada or Australia for William and Kate.

“And Princess Anne is always there. She is the best queen we never had. She has an incredible work ethic and is a great credit to the royal family. The king will lean a lot on his sister as well as his son in the coming months.”

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