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Kate Middleton made ‘big mistake’ with hospital stay before being discharged

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In her analysis of Kate Middleton’s hospital stay, Daniela Elser, a Royal Family expert, highlighted a notable misstep in Kate’s handling of the situation. Elser, in her article for, expressed the view that Kate’s approach during her hospital stay was flawed.

Despite acknowledging the various potential reasons for Princess Kate’s hospitalization, Elser emphasized that there was an opportunity for Kate to leverage her position to bring attention to the circumstances and, in doing so, contribute to making the world a slightly better place for the public. Elser’s commentary suggests that there was a missed chance for Kate to use her platform for positive impact during her hospital stay.

Daniela Elser continued her critique, emphasizing that the exact nature of Kate Middleton’s health issue remains undisclosed to those outside the Middleton family circle. Elser expressed disappointment, suggesting that the princess missed a significant opportunity to make a positive impact during her hospital stay.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that the Princess of Wales has been discharged from the London Clinic after almost two weeks of recovery following abdominal surgery. The 42-year-old, having undergone a planned operation on January 16, has returned to her home in Windsor.

Kensington Palace revealed that her official duties are expected to resume after Easter, and Prince Charles has temporarily taken on additional responsibilities to care for her and their children during her recovery. A spokesperson from Kensington Palace noted that the princess is progressing well in her recovery.

The Prince and Princess express their heartfelt gratitude to the entire team at the London Clinic, with a special acknowledgment for the dedicated nursing staff, for the exceptional care they provided during the princess’s hospital stay. The Wales family remains appreciative of the global outpouring of well wishes they have received and extends their thanks to everyone for their support.

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