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Submarine Found In Dried Up River, Workers Turn Pale When Seeing What’s Inside

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Don and Kevin have been working for the same salvaging company for years and were called to help with the salvaging of a dried-up submarine. However, that wasn’t their only task this time, as they were also training a new employee, Carl. Once they arrived, the other workers were already busy with preparations. The trio’s eyes grew big when they saw the submarine, but nobody could have predicted what they would find inside.

The submarine, found in a dried-up river, made the workers turn pale when seeing what’s inside. But before they could make entry, some other preparations needed to be done. They measured the submarine’s exterior and tried to find schematics. None of them had ever set foot inside a submarine before, and they wanted to get as much information as possible. Once that was done, they could finally open the hatch.

The submarine’s door flew open, and Dawn already had a foot inside. But right at that moment, they were interrupted. It sounded like a whole army was approaching, and when the trio looked around, they were surprised to see multiple black SUVs with tinted windows. The cars stopped beside the submarine and ignored the warnings they had placed around it.

Who would do such a thing? The answer to that question came when dozens of suited men stepped out and started surrounding the vessel. Finally, one of them began to yell upwards at the workers. The trio looked down in confusion as they saw the man yelling and gesturing. “What does he want?” one asked the others, who both shrugged. Curiosity got the better of them, so they went down to see what was happening. But they regretted their decision immediately.

The man in the suit was big and grumpy, demanding everyone to leave as this was now a restricted area. “What is going on?” When the man in the suit felt it was taking too long, he started shouting, “Leave now and hurry up, or we are going to use force!” He put words into action as he grabbed the most nearby worker and started pushing. The trio looked at each other in shock before quickly stepping out of harm’s way. But they couldn’t help but feel intrigued by the whole situation.

“What was the cause of all this?” Don, Kevin, and Carl quickly gathered their tools as more black cars appeared. They watched in amazement as the newcomers started to put up yellow tape to secure the area. It was clear these people were taking it very seriously. Then Kevin saw it. “Look,” he said, pointing toward one of the men exiting a car. They all stared at the man who was wearing an FBI vest. The men couldn’t believe it—FBI. This is serious, they muttered among themselves.

The sudden appearance of the FBI sparked a wave of questions. What could a government agency possibly want with an old submarine? Feeling both let down and curious, the trio left the area and decided to go for a drink, guessing the reasons why the FBI was there—a feeling that would stay with them for a while.

The workers spent the rest of the day at a nearby restaurant, enjoying their unexpected day off from work. Eventually, as evening fell, most of the colleagues had already gone home. But Don, Kevin, and Carl remained. Not much was said, but they all knew what they were thinking. “Something strange is going on,” Carl said decisively, and the others nodded. But what could they do about it? That question lingered in their minds, and they all thought the same thing. The situation sparked their curiosity, and it was too intriguing to just walk away from.

They had to know what was so special about it. So after grinding their brains in the restaurant all day, the trio decided there was one thing they could do—try to sneak into the submarine to see what was inside. By the time Dawn, Kevin, and Carl left the restaurant, it was already dark outside. “This is perfect,” Don whispered as they sneakily moved through the shadows and observed the scene.

Then their hearts dropped. “This just got a lot more complicated,” Kevin murmured as they stared at the guards with guns. They knew sneaking in wouldn’t be easy, but their curiosity was now mixed with a sense of danger. The night gave the submarine an even more mysterious vibe as Don, Kevin, and Carl watched from a hidden spot. There were fewer people than before, but three guards were still watching the submarine very carefully.

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“Are we really doing this?” Kevin asked, and the trio looked at each other. A slight fear was noticeable on their faces, but their curiosity won the battle. They were going to sneak inside that submarine in the dark.

Dawn, Kevin, and Carl contemplated their next move. They could almost hear each other’s hearts pound in their chests. “How do we get past them?” Don whispered nervously, eyeing the armed guards. Then Carl suddenly got an idea. “Listen, when you hear my signal, climb up as fast as you can,” he instructed in a low, determined tone.

Don and Kevin looked at each other in confusion. “What signal?” But before they could ask, Carl already vanished into the darkness. They watched him move toward a row of parked cars like a shadow. Don and Kevin waited anxiously as they lost sight of Carl for a moment, but then they saw him push down hard on one of the car hoods. Lights flashed, and a loud alarm ruptured the silent night. The guards’ attention instantly turned toward the vehicles, and they rushed over.

So that was the signal. Don and Kevin quickly ran to the submarine, their footsteps covered by the loud noise of the car alarm. While the guards’ attention was still on the cars, the duo swiftly climbed the ladder and reached the hatch in seconds. They stood precisely in the same position as earlier that day, only this time they were really going inside. But where was Carl?

Before Don and Kevin could look for him, the car alarm fell silent. They looked at each other and realized they had to go inside now; otherwise, they would get caught. Don climbed through the open hatch first, and when Kevin joined him, they paused to catch their breath. “I hope Carl is fine,” Kevin whispered. But then a sound interrupted him, causing them to exchange worrying glances.

Were they found out already? But as Don and Kevin looked up, the tense expressions softened into relief at the sight of Carl climbing down the ladder. “He made it!” he whispered triumphantly. The others smiled at him, and they were happy to be reunited. And now that they were, it was time to investigate.

They moved slowly and quietly, feeling a bit nervous but also excited to see what they would discover. Don, Kevin, and Carl carefully moved through the first compartment, their eyes scanning everything in sight. But to their disappointment, there appeared to be nothing unusual. “What was all the fuss about?” Carl muttered as he grabbed some old notebook, made a sour face, and put it back immediately. The others shrugged. “This is just the first room. Maybe it’s further in,” Carl suggested hopefully.

Whatever it may be, with their hopes reignited by that comment, they ventured further into the submarine. As they did, the smell of rust and old metal became more and

more prominent. The machinery looked old, and everything gave them a World War II vibe. But it was clear it hadn’t been used since, as the air felt damp, and everywhere they looked, rust and cobwebs clung to the wall.

But something was off. As they continued their way through different compartments, they stumbled upon modern food containers. They were scattered throughout the submarine and created a strong contrast with the old surroundings. “Why would there be fresh food in such an old place, like someone had just eaten there?” They all felt more curious and a bit worried now. Something didn’t add up, and they knew they had to keep exploring.

Don, Kevin, and Carl kept looking inside the submarine but only found more food. It was puzzling and a bit frustrating, as they thought they would find something big or exciting. But there wasn’t anything special. The trio took a big risk to get inside, but it seemed like they wouldn’t find any answers. “What do we do now?” Kevin asked, feeling as confused and disappointed as the others. They had searched the whole submarine, and the trio stood in silence for a moment, overthinking the situation.

Maybe their gut feeling was wrong, and the FBI only showed up for their protection because it was an old World War II submarine. “Let’s just go home, guys,” Don eventually said. The other two didn’t answer but followed him back to the hatch. But on their way there, something bizarre happened.

Kevin and Don hurried back, and Carl struggled to keep up with them. He quickened his pace to try and catch up, but one of his feet got clumsily stuck behind a metal rod sticking out of the wall. Carl stumbled, and in order to keep himself upright, he leaned on the desk beside him. When Carl looked up, his eyes grew wide. “Guys, come here! You won’t believe this!” he exclaimed.

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Kevin and Don turned back immediately, eager to discover what Carl had found. They watched in amazement as a previously hidden door slowly opened. None of them had noticed it earlier, as it blended perfectly with the submarine’s interior. “What happened?” Don asked perplexed. Carl explained he fell, and when he caught himself on the desk, he accidentally pushed some sort of button.

Big smiles appeared on their faces. Their gut feeling was right. Their disappointed feelings faded immediately when they found the secret door. This had to be why the FBI suddenly showed up, right? That thought initially frightened them a little, as what they were about to find could put them in real danger. But they made it this far and couldn’t just stop here.

The trio rushed through the door, each step filled with a mix of anticipation and nervousness. The short hallway eventually led them into a room that was very different from the rest of the submarine. This room was so clean they could see their reflections on the spotless floor and bare walls. But that wasn’t the most intriguing part of the room because in the middle of the room stood a radio on a small table.

It was strange to see something so new in a place so old. Don, Kevin, and Carl quickly gathered around the radio and looked at each other eagerly. This was the most exciting find yet. “Mind if I?” Kevin hesitantly put his hand toward it and turned the radio on. Immediately, static filled the room. Carl took over and started changing the channel, hoping to find a clear signal. Then they suddenly heard someone talking, and Kevin gasped. “I know that voice!” he said.

“Where do I recognize it from?” Don and Carl looked at Kevin, hoping he would soon know who the voice belonged to. But then it dawned on them. They also recognized the voice. The trio listened intently to the urgent and deep voice. “It’s the man from this morning who sent us away,” Kevin suddenly exclaimed. The other two nodded in agreement. They heard it now too.

But why was that man’s voice coming from this radio? Don, Kevin, and Carl listened closely to the radio. “The perimeter is secure, boss. No one in or out. Civilians are clueless,” crackled the voice from the radio. The trio exchanged nervous glances as they realized he was one of the men guarding the submarine right now. The situation had suddenly escalated as they felt this was no ordinary salvage job. Something much bigger was at play, and they had stumbled right into it.

The trio was worried, and Carl looked around nervously. When he suddenly gasped, they were so focused on the radio in the middle of the room that they completely missed the fact that there was another door. Carl walked toward it and gestured for the others to follow. “Bring the radio,” he said.

That way, they could listen in on the guard. But Carl struggled to get the door open. “Help me,” he grunted toward the others, and Kevin came to support him. Together, they managed to get the door to move a little. The trio shared an excited look. This door must be so heavy for a reason. Kevin and Carl took a deep breath and pulled with all their might. The door creaked open, and their eyes grew wide in amazement when they set foot inside the room.

This room was spotless and modern, but what immediately caught the trio’s attention was the fact that the walls were filled with lots of screens. It was as if they entered a whole different world inside an old, rusty submarine. As the room was filled with high-tech equipment, “What is this place?” one of them whispered in awe.

But suddenly, one of the screens drew their attention as it turned on. As the trio stared at the screen, they realized it displayed a live feed from the dock right outside. “Is this some kind of security room?” Don thought out loud. But then more screens turned on. One screen showed a street filled with cars and people, while another showed footage from inside a house where people were sleeping.

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One by one, all the screens turned on, showing more and more unsettling footage. “This doesn’t feel right,” Carl said, and the other two nodded, agreeing. The trio looked around uneasily and began taking pictures and videos of the screens in the room. The silence was loud as they were all speechless. Who would have thought they would find something like this?

But then, while Kevin and Dawn were focusing on taking pictures off the screens, something on the table caught Carl’s attention. There was a file on the table. It stood out to Carl because it was the only non-tech thing in the room. Without hesitation, he grabbed it. “Look at this,” he said, and the others joined him. The trio quickly skimmed through the pages, surprised at what they saw.

The folder was filled with personal information about people, like age and height. In a split-second decision, Carl decided to take it with them. What they didn’t know was how important that decision later on would be. But now, Don, Kevin, and Carl stood in the room, deliberating on their next step.

Carl and Kevin thought it was time for them to leave, but Don thought otherwise. He started rambling on how they couldn’t just leave this place. They needed to gather evidence and make a plan to end this suspicious activity. And then, everything went wrong. Just as Don was trying to navigate through the monitor footage, his hand accidentally hit a button, triggering an alarm. The trio froze, exchanging worried glances. The blaring sound echoed through the room, and they knew they had very little time. Panic set in as they heard footsteps approaching the door from the outside.

“We have to go now!” Kevin urged, anxiety evident in his voice. The trio quickly retraced their steps, leaving the high-tech room with the screens. Carl made sure to take the file with them, clutching it tightly in his hands.

As they made their way back through the submarine, the alarm continued to wail, and the trio could hear the guards getting closer. The urgency in their movements increased, and they navigated through the narrow passages with a sense of desperation. The once-mysterious submarine now felt like a labyrinth of potential danger.

Don, Kevin, and Carl finally reached the hatch, and they hurriedly climbed down the ladder. The guards were just around the corner, so the trio decided to make a run for it. They sprinted through the darkness, aiming for the shadows to avoid detection.

As they approached the exit, Don, who was leading the way, suddenly halted. The area was flooded with light, and they realized they were surrounded by armed guards. The trio exchanged nervous glances, realizing they were caught in the act.

“Don’t move!” shouted one of the guards, aiming a flashlight at them. The trio raised their hands in surrender, the file still clutched in Carl’s hand. The guards approached cautiously, their expressions stern. It was clear they weren’t ordinary security personnel; they meant business.

“What were you doing in there?” demanded the man in charge, the same one who had confronted them earlier. Don, Kevin, and Carl exchanged glances, weighing their options. After a moment of silence, Don decided to speak up.

“We were just exploring. We didn’t mean any harm,” Don explained nervously. The man in charge, however, was not convinced.

“Exploring? In a restricted area? You trespassed on federal property. That’s a serious offense,” he stated, his tone cold and authoritative.

As the guards prepared to escort them out, Carl couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to the situation than met the eye. He glanced at the file in his hand, contemplating whether to reveal its contents. The trio was led away from the submarine, uncertainty hanging in the air.

Back at the dock, the atmosphere was tense as the guards handed them over to local law enforcement. The trio was now faced with potential legal consequences for their impromptu investigation. As they were placed in handcuffs, Don, Kevin, and Carl exchanged solemn glances, wondering if they had stumbled upon something much bigger than they could have ever imagined.

Little did they know that the mysterious submarine and the secretive operation within were part of a government initiative, shrouded in secrecy. The trio had unwittingly become entangled in a web of classified activities, and the consequences of their curiosity were yet to unfold.

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