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Prince Harry Left Shocked By His Treatment By The Royal Family, You Wouldn’t Believe Why

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Prince Harry used to be very close to his royal family, but now it seems like he’s not part of the inner circle anymore. He was shocked by how his family treated him back home in the UK.

What surprised him even more is that he and Meghan Markle found out about King Charles being hospitalized just like everyone else – through the news on TV or online. It must have been tough for them to learn about such important family news that way.

You might expect that someone would have personally called Prince Harry to let him know about his father, but that didn’t happen. To find out more, keep reading below for all the details you need.

Prince Harry is extremely saddened as no one informed him about his father, the King of England, having corrective surgery for his enlarged prostate. The lack of communication has left the Duke of Sussex devastated.

Even though it’s a significant matter, apparently, it wasn’t considered important enough for someone to personally call Prince Harry before making a major announcement to the world.

Prince Harry and his father, King Charles, and brother, Prince William, aren’t really talking to each other now. It’s tough for Prince Harry because he didn’t expect things to get this bad. They’re family, after all, and even though they have differences, King Charles will always be his dad. But Prince William might see things in a different way.

Prince Harry holds a grudge against his younger brother for everything he’s said and done to the royal family. The Prince of Wales, if given the choice, would want Harry to be exiled for the rest of his life. Their relationship seems strained and unforgiving.

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Royal Family News – What’s Next For The Duke Of Sussex?

Prince Harry wants to put an end to the royal feud, but the palace isn’t interested in welcoming him back, at least not at the moment.

This also means that if anything happens to any member of the royal family, Harry will be the last to know.

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