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How Kate Middleton’s Tiny Cottage Could Jeopardize Her Health After Surgery

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Princess Kate, the Princess of Wales, underwent planned abdominal surgery earlier this week and is currently recovering in the hospital, where she is expected to remain for up to two weeks. However, one royal expert has expressed doubts about the suitability of her family home for continuing her recovery once she is discharged.

Mirror reported that, Kate, 42, is expected to initially convalesce at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor after she is released from the hospital. She moved into the four-bedroom home on the grounds of Windsor Castle last year with her husband Prince William and their three children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

But according to royal correspondent Michael Cole, while convenient for keeping the children in school, the cottage may not provide the ideal environment for the Princess to fully recuperate.

“After she fully recovers she will convalesce initially at Windsor at Adelaide Cottage where they have a house in the grounds. They will stay there I think because the children are at school and she will want to be with them,” Cole stated in an interview on GB News.

“But it’s not the ideal place for her to recover for the next month because it’s tiny.”

At just four bedrooms, the home is modest by royal standards. And with three young children plus staff, it could prove overly chaotic and busy for someone recovering from surgery.

Cole pointed out that other royal residences could offer more peace and quiet.

“She’d be much better maybe going to Anmer Hall which they have in Norfolk on the Sandringham Estate,” he suggested. “It’s very large, it’s peaceful, and she could recuperate there.”

He also proposed Highgrove House, Prince Charles’ estate in Gloucestershire, as another good option thanks to its “tranquil gardens” that could aid in her convalescence.

But the royal expert recognizes why Kate may opt to remain closer to home at Adelaide Cottage instead.

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“I think because the children are at school, they don’t want to take them out of school, they want them to be settled,” Cole explained. “Catherine will want to be with the children so she will probably stay at Adelaide Cottage.”

He added that well-wishers have already begun leaving flowers and get well soon messages outside the hospital where the Princess is recovering as people wish her the very best.

The abdominal surgery Kate underwent was planned, according to the royal family, but further details have not been provided, leading to speculation.

Some royal watchers guess it may have been related to acute morning sickness hyperemesis gravidarum, which Kate suffered from during all three previous pregnancies. Others posit it could have been to address abdominal or digestive issues like ulcers or even appendicitis.

Until the Palace releases more information, the exact cause and nature of Kate’s surgery remain private.

As she recovers from the operation and anesthesia, the Princess will need time and rest. While Adelaide Cottage offers the advantage of proximity to her young children, the hustle and bustle could prove distracting to someone needing peace and quiet while convalescing.

Only time will tell whether Kate chooses to remain at the Windsor cottage or ultimately decides to continue her recovery at a more serene and sprawling royal estate farther from London.

But wherever the Princess of Wales decides to recuperate, she will surely have the best medical care and all the support she needs from her family as she focuses on healing after her hospital stay.

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The public and royal fans will likely be wishing Kate a smooth recovery and sending their best regards no matter where she convalesces. But they may also be keeping a close eye out for any signs of a new baby Cambridge in the coming months.

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