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Meghan OPENLY Humiliates Queen After Getting Cornered By Lilibet Truth On Air.

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GB News Royal correspondent Cameron Walker has brought forth a shocking claim from an upcoming book by Robert Hardman, a Royal insider with unparalleled access to the inner workings of the Royal household.

“Hardman’s book alleges that the late Queen did not approve of Meghan and Harry’s choice to name their daughter Lilibet, a name deeply cherished within her Inner Circle. The name held sentimental value, reflecting personal relationships the Queen held dear. However, the shocking revelation is that, according to Walker, the Queen was not consulted about the use of Lilibet, as reported by a palace source to the BBC.”

“This claim did not sit well with Meghan and Harry, prompting their legal team to send aggressive letters denouncing the assertion as false and defamatory. Their spokesperson insisted that Prince Harry had indeed consulted with Queen Elizabeth II in advance, asserting that the name Lilibet would not have been chosen without her blessing.”

“Robert Hardman’s book raises eyebrows by suggesting that the very claim of seeking the Queen’s approval upset the late Queen. If the allegations are true, Meghan and Harry may have not only disregarded tradition but exploited the Queen’s legacy for their own narrative. The audacity of potentially manipulating the late Queen’s sentiments for public consumption is a bold move that challenges the integrity of the monarchy.”

“The controversy surrounding Lilibet’s name not only questions Meghan and Harry’s credibility but also raises concerns about playing a dangerous game with the Queen’s legacy. The Royal family, particularly Buckingham Palace, is left pondering on how Meghan and Harry dared to use the revered name of the late Queen in a way that, if the claims are accurate, goes against her wishes.

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